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Seriously, though, gophers are wily, destructive pests that throw up big mounds of earth willy-nilly across the landscape and destroy gardens and crops.
Here's a quick overview of the remedies for these rodents, but check with your local extension service on specifics that suit your area.First of all, stuffing things down a gopher hole, including hair or those so-called sonic repellents, just doesn't work.

Safer poisons use a bait laced with anticoagulants; internal bleeding kills the gopher (painlessly, I'm told) without endangering other animals.
Just be sure to follow instructions for its safe use and disposal.I've read that gophers can't stand the smell of castor oil (can't say I blame them) and that spraying a diluted mix on the ground is enough to make them skedaddle.
There's also some evidence that gophers don't like mulch, so you could try mulching a buffer area around plantings.

Or you could encourage predators to come feast on your rich gopher supply — installing owl boxes in a nearby woods might be a good start.

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