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If you have a problem with ants nesting in your wooden structures you’ve come to the right place.
If you don’t know where the ant nest is, do NOT spray insecticides on ants or ant trails! It has been observed that carpenter ants switch between eating protein and sugar exclusively for weeks at a time. You will find useful, real life experience of how to get rid of carpenter ants effectively. Spraying on carpenter ants when you spot them crawling around your house is akin to slapping a band aid on a gaping wound. It is important to then identify whether your have a problem with carpenters ants or termites.
Once you think you have found the carpenter ants’ nest, here are some things you can do to double check it.

The two keys to an effective bait are that it must be attractive to the ants and the toxin must be slow acting. Since many baits are either sugar or protein based, they might appear to work or not work depending on the ants’ dietary preference at them time.
If these swarms are from colonies in your yard or the walls of your house you may want to get rid of them. It requires a little patience to positively identify the ants (as not termites), set out bait, track the ant trail to uncover the nest and finally a strategic strike aimed at eliminating the queen.
The natural, non-toxic method can be found at How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants Naturally using diatomaceous earth. Speaking of termites, you really want to determine whether you are dealing with termites or carpenter ants.
They feed on wood and eat their way through much your furniture and wooden structures.  Wood damage by termites happens much faster and is far more widespread than wood damage caused by carpenter ants.

Killing them slowly enables you to kill not just the ants you see but the thousands you don’t. This is because carpenter ants do not eat wood, they only burrow through wooden objects to build a nest so the extent of damage caused is not as bad as termites.
Carpenter ants feed communally so the toxin has to be effective to kill them yet slow acting enough to delay this effect for days or even weeks to allow for the toxic bait to be spread to the entire colony and especially the queen.
This can lead to increased reproduction and you will end up with more ants and worse still multiple nests which means more damaged wood articles and more ant nests to deal with! If there is a colony living inside, this disturbance will cause the ants to make a scratching sound against the wood with their mandibles.

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