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Getting rid of fleas in the house is not a big task, but you need to do some things for a few days to ensure best results.
Fleas are tiny wingless insects that are commonly present in our houses and on our pets' bodies. Start the procedure of getting rid of these insects from your bedding, rugs, cushion, sofa covers, etc.
If your carpet is washable, then the procedure of getting rid of these insects from the carpet is same as above. There are a variety of sprays available in the market which you can use for getting rid of fleas. Getting rid of fleas in the house is not a one-day process, you need to continue the remedies for a few days. In order to eliminate them effectively, you have to know where fleas come from and thus you’ll be able to identify the main reasons and sources of fleas in your house. Your street clothing and shoes (it far easier to bring some flea eggs along with the dirt on the soles of your shoes or clothing than you think).
Neighbors’ fleas or bed bugs won’t have a hard time crawling to your house from their home. If fleas happily live and breed at your house, then it is possible that they have been there for a long time.
As you can see, fleas can appear absolutely everywhere, so you need to eliminate the causes of their possible appearance step-by-step. After the complete clean-up, it’s high time to use some serious “weapons” such as home flea control products. Helpful tip: Fleas are put off by the smell of many aggressive chemicals and chemical compound products, such glue, paint, cement and putty. Fleas prefer to live in carpets, where they can hide in the fur and where there are always someone’s delicious feet. DE should be scattered on the carpet, which is quite messy as the air rises in a cloud of dust from the powder.
For example, the popular Precor IGR Insect Growth Regulator is said to "kill flea eggs and larvae for 7 months," i.e.
With the knowledge that the fleas are repelled by smell of garlic, you can prepare a homemade repellent for your carpet: Mix some brewer's yeast and garlic mush and apply the mixture on the carpet. Final tip: If you see that you have tried everything, and that there is no salvation for your carpet as the fleas continue to inhabit it, roll it up tightly and throw it in the garbage.
Remember that the flea bites are an important signal of the future increase of their amount at your place, because according to the National Park Service US, "Females deposit eggs in groups of 1 to 18 on the host after a blood meal." That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the issue and proceed to exterminating the fleas immediately after the first bite. If you decide that you have been bitten by fleas, you should ensure that it was them and not mosquitoes or bed bugs, and then consider proper treatment of bites. Use special flea killer sprays for lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and outdoor surfaces, but make sure you carefully examine the active components they contain.
Clean your house more often, vacuum the carpets, floors and furniture, maintain clean porch.
Do not enter the house while wearing dirty shoes, wash your last season shoes and do not store them dirty. Don’t visit dirty, desolated places as you can also bring fleas’ eggs or adult species from there.
When camping, make sure you wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants in order to avoid getting flea bites on your legs and ankles (fleas rarely bite the upper body since they can’t reach it).
Be wary of the things and furniture bought on garage sales, fairs and second-hand markets, as they can be infested with fleas. If your neighbors have flea infestation, don’t waste any time and begin using such safe products as Diatomaceous Earth for protecting your house in order to prevent a sudden invasion of these nasty insects. As you can see, you can get rid of fleas on your own, without an exterminator if you know some basic elimination methods and a couple of tricks. During my time at Rentokil I have learned about many pests, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs etc. All it takes is for your pooch or pusskins to meet up with another animal that’s carrying these flightless insects, and the little freeloaders will hitch a ride home.

Next thing you know, they’ve spread themselves and their offspring all through your house, treating it as their little summer home all through the winter and beyond. When it comes to fleas, your pet is going to suffer the most if a real infestation sets up shop in your home.
Make sure your little friend is kept well-groomed and receives regular flea treatments in addition to their worming.  Bathe them, even if they hate it. One of our favourite ways to manage pet hair in dogs it to use the Dyson Groom Tool, which lets you vacuum the loose and stray hairs right off the animal’s back before they have a chance to drop them off on your favourite cardigan.
But if you find yourself absent-mindedly scratching, or discover tiny red itchy marks around your socks and ankles, your own blood may be supplementing the diet of the fleas in your household. Fortunately, because humans are relatively hairless in comparison to pets and other animals, there are not many places for fleas to hide on our bodies, meaning that they’re more likely to treat our blood as an occasional snack rather than a regular main course. To keep all of your blood where it belongs and out of local flea stomachs, practice some basic personal hygiene and make sure that your clothes and bedding are well-cleaned and looked after.
While certain super-powerful vacuum cleaners are especially useful for getting pet hair and more out of carpets and other soft surfaces, when it comes to fleas, discipline is just as important as power.  After all, even if you have the world’s most intense cyclonic suction in your vacuum cleaner, and a powerbrush designed to dig pet hair out of carpets and more, if you do a half-arsed job cleaning the house, the fleas will flock to anywhere you didn’t clean and get right back to multiplying.
When a simple vacuuming isn’t enough, it’s time to bring out the big guns.  In this case, we mean a carpet washer, which uses a potent combination of steam, soap and water to get rid of any dirt and germs still clinging to your carpets after the vacuuming is complete. Ripley may be a overreacting a little bit, but her general point remains sound – while thoroughly cleaning your house should greatly discourage fleas, there comes a time when you have to go on the offensive, leaving no survivors.
Waft a few of these scents throughout the most flea-ridden areas of your home, and the little blighters may think twice about remaining there.
Methods mentioned in this article will help you get rid of these tiny critters from your house and pets. While the blood of mammals is what the adult fleas feed on, their young ones feed on the digested blood in the form of feces of the adult fleas, feathers, bits of our dead skin, and other organic debris. Also, once you get rid of them completely, follow a proper house cleaning regime once in ten days to keep your house and pets flea free. For example, the previous owners of your house might not have completely eliminated them, or there a colony of fleas in your backyard already existed, and has recently moved in to your house.
The most obvious step is to first make sure that your house is not infested with pests and that you do not need to get rid of rats.
We hope that you do this regularly without our reminder but it is useful to repeat it again: Fleas scatter their eggs around, that’s why the floors in the house also require frequent cleaning. As we have already mentioned, your street shoes can be a great “transporter” of flea eggs into your house. Mind that if fleas infested your cat or dog, then your house will be permanently occupied by these insects until you kill them all.
If you take a magnifying glass, you’ll be able to see some adult species on brighter carpets and some scattered eggs and flea larvae on the darker ones.
Various flea sprays and flea powders, both industrial and homemade liquid ones, are most suitable for exterminating the fleas in the carpet.
This is a rather powerful type of control products, which is supposed to be dissolved in a strict proportion in water and then sprayed on the carpet.
Such sprays kill when they come in contact with the insect and usually have a wide range of "victims," including bed bugs, fleas, spiders, and others. Insecticidal shampoos for cats and dogs are effective enough to completely rid the fleas from the carpet. Some wet cleaning is recommended afterwards in order to remove any dead fleas from the carpet. Your primary goal is to destroy fleas outside so that neither you nor your pets could accidentally bring them home. Rats are carriers of rat fleas that tend to settle first in the yard and then in the house. You’d better not use popular flea killer spray for the yard Adams Plus Flea & Tick Yard Spray and Cutter Backyard Bug Control if you have a cat, since they contain pyrethroids and permethrins, and the cats are generally sensitive to these chemicals.
Many of them are effective enough to compete with industrial chemicals and are suitable for getting rid of the insects both indoors and outdoors. You can make lovely handmade pillows stuffed with these cuttings for your dog and street furniture, and the fleas will flee.

Use repellents which have a high concentration of DEET, such as Repel 100 Insect Repellent Pump Spray for ~$7.97.
Plant some natural repellents, such as garlic, citronella, lemongrass, tansy, tarragon and thus reduce the likelihood of fleas’ appearance in your backyard.
Each one has their own disgusting arsenal of weaponry and all are relatively easy to get rid of if the correct control methods are employed. Suddenly, a fly lands on your muffin and helps itself to a generous piece while reading the horoscopes.
Flies have been known to nest inside the mouths of dying or dead animals, in which they lay their eggs.
Rentokil has implemented some very effective fly control measures which can help keep these flying insects to a minimum, using fly units such as the Luminos fly killer range.
These sprays reach the smallest corners, some of them help kill the adult fleas while some are for the eggs and larvae. We’ll tell you how to get rid of fleas quickly, effectively, without expensive exterminators, and once and for all. This measure will also help identify the bed bugs, which are more visible on the mattress and upholstery. Of course, you can use the professional service for that, but trust us, you can to get rid of fleas in the house on your own and buy a new mattress with the money saved.
You can choose from a variety of means of controlling the fleas at your disposal, from auxiliary tools such as special brushes to powerful long-acting flea drops.
However, we do not recommend you to waste precious time and stare at the carpet with a magnifying glass, and instead we advise you to immediately begin eliminating the fleas. According to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Arizona), it is nevertheless fatal not only for fleas, but also for "anything with an exoskeleton. The next day you should vacuum the carpet and repeat the whole procedure until you completely exterminate the fleas.
Note that it won’t be effective against adult fleas so use other measures to exterminate them. We recommend using proven products such as Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Home Insect Killer for ~$9.97.
Give it some time to work, though - clean the carpet from organic residues and flea eggs a few hours later, and you will be able to see the effect. But, in our efforts to rid ourselves of pests, one disgusting creature stands head and shoulders above every pest alive; both in how filthy it is and also the level of difficulty in getting rid of it. Along with great housekeeping, these units are very effective when it comes to getting rid of flies for good. Amongst these, the cat fleas are commonly found on cats, dogs, and humans more than the dog and human fleas. You can give your pet a bath with a shampoo that is especially designed for flea control and use a flea comb to keep a watch on the fleas present on its body. Wash everything at a temperature of at least 50 degrees Celsius (the higher, the better as the fleas are very tenacious). Once you’ve finished, put the contents of the vacuum cleaner in a sealed plastic bag and throw in the trash immediately, so that the nimble fleas won’t have time to come back. As its name suggests, these types of sprays inhibit the multiplication of fleas, usually for several months. Borax powder is more harmful than the DE and thus it is not recommended to use it if there are children or pregnant women around.
That’s why we do not recommend using such sprays inside the house, on the porch or in the yard, if you have a cat. Do not stop at vacuuming just the carpet; vacuum your entire house, pet's resting area, area below the furniture, in the cracks, in the small gaps of the upholstery, in the open cabinets, etc. This removes many adult fleas and will pick up flea eggs and tapeworm segments, containing eggs, that may still be around.

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