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Fleas are definitely a nuisance and their bite generally causes quite a bit of itching and irritation of the skin.
Fleas are certainly a nuisance, but not a danger despite its infamous involvement in the past with the plague. Even after you get rid of the fleas on your cat, 95% of the fleas still remain in the environment. About Velita LivingstonVelita Livingston is the founder and editor of the Cat Lover's Diary blog. Cat Lover’s Quotes"Cat people are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists.
Some people can have an allergic reaction called dermatitis caused by flea saliva during a flea bite. Consequently, for the plague to occur, you need a rodent that carries the plague and a flea that bites the rodent and then bites a human.

Getting rid of fleas in your house can be a daunting task, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some work.
Dunk your cats completely in the water up to their necks (never their head) for five minutes to drown the fleas and wash off the flea poop (which is flea larvae food). Remember the life cycle of an adult flea, it will lay eggs, the eggs hatch into larvae (little worms) which then form into a cocoon called pupa. This means bedding, carpeting, upholstery, curtains, and especially areas where your cats sleep and play. The site provides rich content with great advice on cat care tips and training, teaching you how to protect, pamper and live peacefully with your cat. Personally, I believe mosquitoes to be more dangerous than fleas; a mosquito can spread diseases from far away, whereas a flea is only going to spread diseases that are present around your house.
Have a flea comb ready and be prepared for fleas to start running up to your cats head, eyes and ears.

If you want to know how to get rid of fleas in your house, then you need to understand your enemy (the flea). The two most popular brands of topical flea control treatments that I recommend are advantage and Frontline, which I have personally used on my cats with a lot of success. Lastly, flea pupa hatch to become adult fleas and this is where a topical flea protection solution on your cat can stop the cycle and kill the adults, preventing them from laying eggs.

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