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Australian cockroaches are similar in appearance to the American roaches, they are also reddish-brown and have wings. The main problem with them is that they are really creepy, these huge cockroaches living in your house, walking on walls and ceilings. Did you want to find out how to effectively get rid of moles like a pro – read this guide.

If you are unlucky enough to miss the dropped capsule, 50-55 days later you will have about 15 Palmetto Bug nymphs walking around your dwelling. The German cockroach prefers dark, moist, & warm areas in the kitchen but they will infest anywhere. If you think you have German cockroaches or have any question related to pest control give me a call at 435-628-2700.

When I lived in Florida during 1990 I was using a 6 pack of Raid a month as my kitchen was infested with smaller cockroaches.

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