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There are a lot of "DIY" articles online that provide ideas for how to get rid of carpenter bees. That said, there are some preventative measures you can take to stop the bees eating through your wood structures in the future. Unlike honey bees, which usually build a new hive each year, carpenter bees tend to reuse their old nesting sites over and over again. The safest and most effective way to solve your carpenter bee (Related News) problem is to hire bee removal experts who have years of experience dealing with these insects. Do-it-yourselfers often make the mistake of spraying a bottle of Raid or other insect repellent directly into the carpenter bee's nest with the hope that it will kill any bees inside. Bees generally will not harm a person unless they are provoked or they fear their nest is in danger. But first, in order to determine how to get rid of carpenter bees, it will help to understand a little bit more about the insects you're dealing with.

If you have a wood structure that has been holed out by carpenter bees, year after year, then you can bet that these pests will continue to make it their home again next season and the season after that. So if you're wondering how to get rid of carpenter bees for future years, then your best option is to make the wood as unappealing to the bees as possible. An experienced professional will be able to quickly survey the problem and determine the best solution for getting rid of the bees. Well, chances are the male carpenter bee will be standing guard outside the hole and will take swift action. We'll get rid of the bees and offer a simple preventative program to stop them from coming back.

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