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I’ll start by saying, there are a TON of homemade recipes out there to deter or delete harmful pests from your gardens. Over the years I’ve tried hot pepper spray, vinegar, salt, herbs and more homemade recipes as pesticides.
Application: Outdoors in your garden, you can sprinkle DE on or around your veggies from seed to harvest with no harmful effects.
The important thing to remember when spraying this is to only get it on the leaves that your harmful insects are eating. There are a lot of great organic pesticides and homemade recipes out there, but these are the two pesticides we use and have found effective.
Remember some of the other natural ways to control harmful insects we’ve talked about already!
If you have mulch around the base of your plants, be sure harmful insects aren’t making their home under it and feeding on the stalks of your plants.
Lay 1 inch or smaller chicken wire on the bottom of your garden bed to help prevent critters from burrowing from underneath.

The only one I’ve found useful in getting rid of pests is a soapy water spray on my snap peas infected with aphids. People actually eat this by the spoonful in the thought that it will rid them of any internal parasites. Read the directions on the back of the bag for instructions and then decide what is best for you.
Indoors, you can use DE to get rid of fleas, bed bugs (hope you don’t have these!), earwigs, cockroaches and virtually any other bug.
Fertilome Triple Action Plus II: FTAP is a mixture of pyrethins (natural, organic compounds normally derived from the chrysanthemum cinerarifolium), piperonyl butoxide (an organic compound derived from safrole which is an oil extracted from the root-bark or fruit of the sassafras plant), and neem oil (an organic oil pressed from the neem tree).
There are commercial repellents you can buy as well (ask your garden center for an organic one). We haven’t tried any of these, but would sure love to know if you do and they work … haha! Though I know one day this earth will pass on, for now I want to be faithful to what the Lord has given me: a backyard, soil, seeds, sunshine and water.

RESULT: Angry, caffeinated ants that moved 3 feet over and came back in double force with a vengeance.
I mixed a tablespoon of dish soap with water in a spray bottle, wet my peas, and gently rubbed the top and bottom of each leaf, getting rid of the pests.
They’re not so cute when those cheeks are full of leaves and their tails are shaking in victory over consuming yet another squash plant overnight.
And  Part of raising a garden is learning how to live in tandem with critters (like our rabbit).
And part is learning how to control the detrimental pests without toxins that could harm you or animals.
For several days in a row, every morning we’d wake up, check the garden, and another plant would be nibbled to the ground.

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