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Hope this helps you get rid of those pesky fruit flies!  Let me know if you use any other ways to get rid of them!
A friend of mine who is a farmer and has very large berry batches and orchards was telling me that in past years he has been having a problem with fruit flies. Blueberries, Peaches and Nectarines are all ripe here in Southwest Michigan right now and the fruit flies are horrible.
When we got back from vacation we realized we had made the mistake of not throwing out some of the fruit and veggies we had out of the counter (UGH!).

I know I don’t have the after picture (trust me it was gross), but this bad boy got rid of those annoying bugs.
I had been swatting and trying to get them one by one for days, and I finally was able to get rid of them with a little vinegar and dish soap. The first few days I just tried to swat them, but soon learned that was never going to get rid of them. I found a site on pinterest that claimed if you put out a bowl of apple vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish soap out that would get rid of the gnats.

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