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At one time or another, everyone has to deal with having a yellow jacket nest in or around their home. Wasps are social insects and live in colonies for most of the season the nest consists of a queen and sterile female workers. Towards the end of a season male wasps and fertile females are also produced following mating the mated females “queens” leave the nest and look for a suitable location to “overwinter”. From this point on the workers take over the day to day tasks, including food collection and continued nest building. However as the season progresses and the nest increases in size the process becomes more difficult.

In spring of the following year the new queens emerge and look for a suitable place to but a nest. Wasps will defend a nest if they feel it’s under threat inadvertently getting too close to a nest may be enough to causes the wasps to attack. Wasp stings are not only painful the can often lead to a serious allergic reaction and in rare cases death. Phil said if we still noticed bee activity after 7 days to call ABC and they would come back to re-treat the nest at no charge.
It was easy to make appointments with ABC Humane Wildlife Control, and they were all very profession and prompt with their service.

We had some issues with the condition of some of the traps, but that was eventually resolved.

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