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This is the most common of all the swimming pool algae because it grows due to lack of proper sanitation and filtration.
A stingy type of algae that grows on the walls of your swimming pool in spots that don’t get a lot of sun. This algae is difficult to get rid off and won’t be killed off by any normal dose of sanitizer (such as chlorine) or an algaecide.
The part that you can see has a protective layer on it to protect itself and the roots are strong and grow deep into the plaster of your pool walls. So now that we have a general understanding of what pool algae is and why it forms, we must destroy it! If you have a 20,000 gallon pool or less you need to add 6 pound bags of shock and if you have 30,000 gallons or less you need to add 9 pound bags, and so on.
If you have a 20,000 gallon pool or less you need to add 8 pound bags of shock and if you have 30,000 gallons or less you need to add 12 pound bags, and so on. Floc (or Flocculant) is a chemical which takes all small particles in your pool (like algae) and settles them to the bottom. This method is more work and can be time consuming, but gets rid of algae fast, if done correctly.
Add this chemical to your pool, let it circulate for a few hours and watch as all the debris in your pool falls to the floor. Add the recommended dosage of Flocculant to your pool. Floc comes in liquid and powder form.
Circulate the water for about 2 hours to get the chemical fully mixed in, then shut off your pump and let it sit overnight.

SLOWLY vacuum the bottom of the pool. You’ll be sucking out this thick, dirty water from your pool, and as you move the vacuum across the pool floor, it’s gonna start to kick up debris. With just little bit of elbow grease, and this cheap chemical, you can have your pool cleared in one day, if you’re willing to do the work. When you are done vacuuming the pool and everything looks good, I would suggest double shocking your pool to make sure ALL the algae has either been removed or destroyed. Normally algaecide, like pesticide, is only a preventive and should be used throughout the pool season.
We cut out all the fluff and confusion of pool maintenance and stripped it down to the bare bones in this easy-to-read illustrated digital guide.
Sometimes you’ll see this algae free floating in your swimming pool which can cause your entire pool to turn green. It’s the second most common algae you’ll find in swimming pools and sometimes can be mistaken for sand or pollen that can collect in your pool.
You need to kill it by super shocking your swimming pool or else you’ll be battling with it all season long. Here's a very simple tutorial that will walk you through how to remove stubborn mustard algae from your swimming pool.
Just like yellow algae this strain can appear even if you are taking care of your pool normally and all your sanitation levels are correct. Which is why swimming pools need to be treated with chemicals to ensure nasty bacteria and other growths don’t get into our water. Also, when your pool is lacking sanitation, and the water is stagnate, you’re gonna get algae.

After all the particles have settled to the bottom, it’s your job to vacuum them OUT of your swimming pool. During this time, the chemical will start to bind the particles together and settle them to the bottom of the pool. You filter will not be powerful enough to clear the water that fast, so cloudy (or green) water will just shoot back into your pool through the return lines.
Since you are vacuuming to “waste” which will dump a lot of water out of your pool, it’s best to have your garden hose replacing the water with clean water as you vacuum out the dirty stuff. In fact, you might visit three different pool stores or three different websites and they will usually just promote one way of doing it. What makes this algae so hard to get rid of is the defense mechanism it processes and it’s strong roots. So, if you have a 10,000 gallon pool or less you will need to double shock it by adding 2 pounds of shock. Remember always shock your pool at night when the sun is gone for it to be its most effective.
In the morning you should wake up to a nice healthy particle cloud at the bottom of your pool. It may only show up in  little spots in your pool that have poor circulation in which case a little sanitizer or algaecide will do the trick.

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