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Category: Bed Bug Mattress Cover | 29.08.2015
The idea is that the flies will go into the paper funnel attracted to the vinegar and bananas and then not be able to get back out and eventually fall to their deaths in the slimy detergent-y liquid below. I have jars of apple vinegar dish liquid an water all over the place an the only place they seem to go is the walls an every where but the jars .plus fly strips an we got a few of them.
I have heard that you’re really supposed to use the apple cider vinegar, but you are welcome to try the other!

If it doesn’t get closed I will not be a happy camper because Bobby bug and his momma probably just brought their cousins with them to secure a new place in our house.
We had such a mild winter (at least around here) that the bugs never really got a chance to get hibernated so they came back out with a bang. He goes on bug killing rampages with his fly swatter and won’t stop til he gets them all.

Sometimes, depending on his determination that day, it will only take a few minutes and other times it takes an hour.

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