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Yep, terrible fruit flies this year – plus I move to a house with just a small patio where I compost, right outside my kitchen windows.
2) go on vacation – leave everything really clean, and when you get back, they’ll be gone! To keep fruit flies off of my fresh fruit and veggies I wash them in water with several drops of lemon essential oil. Before long they will be attracted to the apple cider vinegar and get trapped in the solution.  Depending on how many you have I usually change the solution every few days or so. Hope this helps you get rid of those pesky fruit flies!  Let me know if you use any other ways to get rid of them! This fruit fly trap will help you get rid of fruit flies from your house in no time at all.

You can try glue traps, but be sure to keep them where kids and pets can’t get into them.
Recipe to get rid of Fruit FliesHey it’s not fun in September in SW Michigan if you have hundreds of fruit flies all over your kitchen!I tried 2 other things but this did the trick! Sit back, coffee in hand, and enjoy your reclaimed kitchen – it no longer belongs to the flies, but to you! I was able to cut back on my fruit fly problem by wrapping the banana stem in wax paper and putting a rubber band tightly around it. The apple cider vinegar jar worked some but I guess word spread and fruit flies ignored it. They got into a bowl of balsamic vinegar once so I thought the fermented taste might get them.

The holes allowed the fruit flies in, but they couldn’t get back out and drowned in the vinegar. So I kept a plastic cup on counter with a bit of orange juice in it and every couple of hours, slapped a piece of cardboard on top, trapping them inside, then released outside. The flies will be attracted to the scent and will drown because of the soap.Thank you for visiting Vegan Gal.

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