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Some places in the American Deep South are covered with fire ant mounds and the ants are quickly spreading out every where. The best bait for fire ants is wet cat food, borax acid, instant grits and strawberry preserves. Pour boiling hot water in the tops of fire ant mounds and this will really hurt the ants and will destroy the fire ant mound if you keep it up long term.
Fill any small holes coming into your house with caulk to stop the ants from coming into your house.

Search outside for any water sources you can find and deny the ants access to the water when ever possible.
Don’t leave food or water out or they ants will find their way to the food and water. Use this and it will really hurt and destroy the ants but you will have to stay after them if your ever going to get rid of all of them. If you can find the ants path or paths coming into your house spray the path or paths with vinegar and baking soda to stop ants from using that particular path or paths into your house.

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