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Of all the pests we’ve studied and written about, none is more ubiquitous than the cockroach.
There are roughly five common pestiferous species of cockroach in North America, and each species varies somewhat in preference to environment and appetite. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why people want to get rid of cockroaches.
According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, cockroach allergens, which come from the saliva, feces, cast skins, and dead bodies of cockroaches, can exacerbate asthma in children–more so, even, than dust mites or pets. The American cockroach prefers moisture and warmth, which explains why it is so commonly found in boats, bathrooms, basements, and sewers. The German cockroach can thrive in just about any environment and is less reliant upon moisture than other roaches. The brown banded cockroach, like the German cockroach, prefers warmer, drier climates, thus making them a problem in the upper floors and attics of your home. The Oriental cockroach is less common than either the German or brown banded cockroach and prefers very wet environments. The smoky brown cockroach is primarily an outdoors roach that will wander indoors only if there is a food source.
If you have a large population of cockroaches you’re going to want to use roach poisons, dusts, and sprays. Vacuum your house thoroughly, making sure to use the appropriate attachments to reach cracks and crevices, and get ceilings, furniture, and throw rugs.
Weatherstrip windows and doors to prevent the migration of cockroaches from outdoors to indoors. Dust with boric acid powder in inconspicuous places, like behind cabinets, your refrigerator and oven, and any other nooks or crannies where children and pets may not be able to reach. I also have cockroaches in my social welfare flat and am looking at solutions to get rid of them.

The German cockroach, for example, is as comfortable indoors as it is outdoors and will eat just about anything; while the smoky brown cockroach prefers to live outdoors and is considered primarily a vegetarian. Cockroaches leave saliva and excrement on your dishes, your cookware, your countertops, and any other surface they cross.
For these reasons, the German cockroach has become the most common pest in the American household, far beyond any other cockroach in North America. You will often find the Oriental cockroach feeding on decaying food, in garbage containers, and anywhere else food has been dropped. The smoky brown cockroach prefers plant matter as its primary food source, so you will often see these roaches in gardens and greenhouses–rarely in areas where humans tend to dwell. Cockroaches only feed during the day if the population is too great to support a strictly nighttime feeding schedule. Dusts and sprays are considered more effective for large cockroach infestations than baits because they not only cover a larger area, but there is no need to lure the cockroach to the poison itself.
Sealing these areas will give cockroaches fewer places to hide, and when cockroaches have nowhere to hide, they’ll find somewhere else to live. Anyway the management is having Orcon come out tomorrow, but I have 2 dogs and a cat and am worried first that since I live in such a large complex getting rid of them would be impossible, unless the treated all 200 apartments, and second I have pets.
Below we will provide for you a clear picture of the possible cockroach that is infesting your home, tell you a little bit about its behavior, and then offer pest control suggestions specific to that species of cockroach.
But it’s not just the food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea that cockroaches may cause. However, if you’ve identified the American cockroach as your problem pest, perhaps the best way to get rid of the American cockroach is to cut off access to your home and reduce the amount of residual moisture in your home.
The German cockroach has one weakness and that is its preference for warm air (like that of its native North Africa). To control brown banded cockroach populations immediately, you may want to wait until dark, then turn on the lights and follow the skittering roaches to their hiding places, and spray with a pyrethrin- or permethrin-based roach spray.

Because of the Oriental cockroach’s affinity for sewers, drains, refrigerators, basements, cellars, and any other cool, moist environment, your best option for comprehensive roach control is to keep your home warm and dry.
There’s a reason scientists say one of the only creatures left after a holocaust will most likely be the cockroach.
Using a dehumidifier to keep relative humidity to a minimum will also help deter American cockroach populations from getting out of hand. Sanitary standards are, of course, one of the most effective ways to get rid of German cockroaches, but simply putting out roach baits that use boric acid as their active ingredient will usually take care of the problem. Desiccants basically scratch the exoskeleton of the cockroach (that hard surface that keeps moisture and the cockroach guts inside), allowing moisture to seep out slowly–eventually killing the roach who comes into contact with it. To say the cockroach is resilient is like saying water is wet–obvious and understated. Dusting those areas where you notice roach traffic most often with boric acid (borax) will help to get rid of roaches that are still troubling you. Following the natural roach control regiment in the right sidebar is often your best recourse for controlling German cockroach problems.
I have seen about 5 big roaches, but mostly small babies ones that won’t get any bigger.
It might take some time, but the best ways to control cockroaches are really quite simple and generally apply to all species of cockroach.

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