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Spots on tomatoes, holes in hosta leaves and wilting stems mean insects and diseases have moved into the garden.
A little eco-friendly gardening can go a long way in creating a beautiful and productive garden.
The most important thing to remember in regards to controlling pests in the yard and garden: annihilation is not the answer!
They are a vital link and removing them from your garden or yard completely will surely cause more problems than it solves. Plants sprayed with pesticides lack certain nutrients only produced when they are nibbled on by insects. Contact with pesticides has been linked to fertility issues, childhood cancer, Alzeimer's and much more.
You can read more about these issues with these links: The Benefits of Organic Gardening and the Dangers of Pesticides. Before insects invade or become a problem, the following organic garden pest control methods should be applied to prevent infestations from occurring. Silver Reflective Mulch: A fairly new tool in the organic garden pest control toolbox but it's pretty cool. When repelling and prevention don't work, it's time to move onto other organic garden pest control methods. Hand-picking: This may be time-consuming but in most healthy gardens it is an efficient, inexpensive (and sometimes, therapeutic!) way of taking care of small insect populations, such as tomato horn worms or aphids.

Copper and Salt: Used in areas with a slug problem, copper can be purchased in strips to place around plants, or the edges of containers or garden beds.
CedarCide: This completely natural, non-toxic, chemical-free prouct is made from cedar oil, a natural bug repellant. Integrated Pest Management: Complicated and involved, I couldn't begin to explain this method of organic garden pest control in its entirety.
If you have previously sprayed chemical pesticides, give your garden time to balance itself out. Learn more about compost, mulch, organic fertilizers, and more in our Gardening 101 section below.
Even so-called safe usage, which is rarely seen, still puts chemicals into your blood stream, putting you at risk years later.
It is used worldwide to repel insects, such as ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, cockroaches, houseflies, leafminers, mealy bugs, nematodes, snails, termites, and many more, including controlling fungus and mildew.
It relies on knowledge of the specific insect and its life cycle, preventative measures, manual and biological controls, and lastly, chemical or organic pesticide intervention. But when a pesticide is sprayed and kills most of them off, it will take many weeks to reestablish themselves. It requires processing and should be purchased commercially for the proper concentrated use in organic garden pest control. Practicing this organic garden pest control technique for a few minutes each day should prevent most infestations from becoming serious problems.

Usually used in large scale farming, it can be applied to organic garden pest control at home by forgoing any chemical pesticide. Stay on top of it with these organic garden pest control methods; don't sit back and hope Nature sorts it out.
Attract them to the garden by planting herbs and flowers to attract beneficial insects, adding a house for the toads, and birdbath for songbirds. A yellow bowl filled with soapy water can attract aphids, a shallow can filled with beer and sunk in the ground will manage slugs, and crumpled paper under a flower pot for earwigs are just a few ways to trap and kill these pests. Refer to these next year to help you do a better job of monitoring and managing garden pests. Although there are natural products for controlling insects, intervention by such means should be the last thing done. They will quickly replenish in numbers before the beneficial insects have time to recover, leaving your plants in worse shape (and a gardener more likely to spray again, perpetuating the cycle). An inexpensive test can be purchased at garden centers or you can order a professional test that will give you much more comprehensive results.

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