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Dead Easy – A very straightforward site which presents two ways of making fruit fly trap. Lifehacker – Fruit flies trap is the easiest thing to do if only you know what attracts the flies to get trapped.
How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap – During summer when you are enjoying fruits with fruit flies messing around, things totally become disgusting.
ABC Goulburn Murray- A much healthier and safer way of countering the attack of fruit pests is to do it organically. Ezine Article – The article in the site gives you an overview on the best time the fruit fly breeds and where exactly it breeds.
Terro – The video featured at the site though short clearly shows how a terro fruit fly trap works.
Gardener’s Supply Company – The fruit fly trap on sale is naturally made, non-toxic since it can be placed near the fruit bowl or any ripening produce.
Once inside, fruit flies will emerge from your vegetables and will lay eggs on fruit on the counter, in food debris in your garbage disposal or garbage can.
Fruit flies are attracted to processes associated with fermentation and breed in decaying fruits and vegetables.

This trap will immediately begin attracting flies, which will crawl down the plastic, through the hole and into the jar. Most of these second generation flies will be unable to find their way out of the trap, but to prevent any escapees, you may want to dump the contents of the yeast trap and clean out the jar to kill the larvae. If the flies you have don't seem to be interested in the trap, you may have a different species of fly and will need to consult with someone (like your local extension educator) who can identify your flies. The site’s video shows an effective solution using a trap which makes use of a banana peel or any fruit peel that’s heavy on sugar. Making simple fruit fly traps using apple cider vinegar is much more effective and is very safe.
Researchers at University of California-Berkeley found fruit flies are actually attracted to the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) released during the fermentation process, not the alcohol.
Fruit flies tend to be active during the daytime, so make sure your trap is on the counter during the day. At 77 degrees F, it will take about one week for fruit flies to develop through three maggot stages, pupate and produce a second generation of adult flies. Online are several ways to make effective fly traps that would stop the breeding of these unlikely little bugs which continue to mess around your favorite fruits in season.

With the downside of both ways you can counter it by improving it through buying the site’s own supply of bait or better yet buy their own traps instead of employing the DIY method. The site has a lot of ways to control and eliminate fruit flies by designing simple traps.
The easiest trap to get on to as it is ready to use and perfectly rids the annoying fruit flies around your fruit area or even the whole of your kitchen area.
The site has the simple procedure of making one effective fruit fly which makes use of banana peel. The reviews of actual users are featured favoring the use of the fruit fly trap being shown. We know fermenting liquids will attract fruit flies, but most of us don't want to brew beer or ferment fruit in our kitchen just to get rid of flies.

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