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Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) is a new Utah pest (first found August, 2010) that can infest un-ripened (pre-harvest), ripe, over-ripe, and spoiled fruits. SWD attacks a broad range of fruits, including tree fruits, berry fruits, and vegetable fruits.
SWD can be easily controlled using standard insecticides, and by expanding the spray program to pre- and post-ripe fruit stages. Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) (Drosophila suzukii) is a new fruit pest recently discovered in Davis County, Utah (August, 2010). Control is not recommended unless SWD is caught in monitoring traps, fruit injury is detected, or a high-value crop needs protecting. Clear Cup Trap: For homeowners or low-budget growers, simple traps can be made from a 16 to 32 oz clear plastic cup and lid, hanger, bait solution, twist-tie or paper clip, and a yellow sticky card. Commercially Available Traps: Easy-to-use commercial traps are available from Contech (Fruit Fly Trap) for about $10 for a two-pack (Fig. Liquid Baits: The two best bait solutions to use in traps are apple cider vinegar, or a sugar-water-yeast solution.
Sanitize: Damaged or fallen fruit should be removed from the property, buried, solarized, crushed, or stored in a sealed container to exclude flies.

Timeliness: Pick ripe fruits frequently to minimize potential SWD host material where populations may build. Freezing: Infested harvested fruit may be stored at 35oF or lower for at least 96 hours to kill developing eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. In case you want to see evidence of my awesome fruit fly trap, please check out the pics below! Collect 50 to 75 randomly selected fruits (depending on the fruit size), and place them in a 1 gallon ziplock bag.
The methods below are possible for both the homeowner and fruit grower, but are more feasible on a small scale.
Once the trap is filled with fruit flies buzzing about inside, you can take the bowl out side and set them free. SWD is similar to other vinegar flies (genus Drosophila), except they can infest unripe fruit. Many DIY Fruit Fly Remedies contained wine, apple cider vinegar, dawn, funneled coca -cola bottles, etc.
SWD can be easily controlled using insecticides common in fruit integrated pest management plans.

To protect fruit, an additional insecticide application will be needed at the pre-ripe (straw color) stage, with additional applications as per the label directions through harvest, and post-harvest if a high volume of fruit remains on trees or plants.
Not all products are labeled on all fruits; read label to ensure that your product matches the site. If SWD is caught in monitoring traps, insecticide applications must be used during the unripe fruit stage to prevent damage. There are other species of fruit-infesting insect larvae, such as cherry fruit fly, currant maggot and sap beetle.
For those of you who simply want to avoid pests, but not necessarily torture them, this is your humane fruit fly trap.

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