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Fruit Fly BarPro, the revolutionary answer to customer friendly insect control in the foodservice industry. Fruit Fly BarPro insecticide vapor strips provide no-mess, no-fuss insect control that is EPA approved for use in foodservice establishments!
There comes that time every year when fruit flies invade your establishment to begin their relentless breeding and pestering ruining your business and driving away customers. Eliminate hazardous infestations for up to 4 months with the Fruit Fly BarPro FFBP insecticide vapor strip!
Due to US DOT shipping regulations, we are unable to ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations.
The amazing fly strips release a clean, odorless, time-controlled vapor that is also completely safe when used properly. By targeting and attacking nesting areas, rather than attracting bugs, the Fruit Fly BarPro FFBP insecticide vapor strip ensures total elimination of fruit flies, cockroaches, spiders, moths, silverfish, and gnats.

She routinely cleans everything but is still dealing with fruit fly issues so her boss orders the new product Fruit Fly Burro in hopes of an antidote.
Fruit Fly BarPro provides continuous, round the clock protection as our vapors are time release for up to four months, killing and preventing future infestations.
Jody opens the case and reads the instruction card that advises her to locate and hang the product in the feeding areas.
Once Fruit Fly BarPro is removed from the foil package, the air immediately activates the clean and odorless pest control ingredient to attack and treat the problem area at its source. She removes each individual strip from their special foil packages and hangs them in the areas that produce yeast. A now-trusted brand and product with over forty million dollars spent in data with the United States EPA, Fruit Fly BarPro is now fully manufactured right here in the United States as it continues to grow as the number one non-food, non-tabletop product in the foodservice industry. At night when the flies go to feed they will be infected by the time controlled vapors from the strips.

This product is hazardous to humans and domestic animals if inhaled, swallowed, or if it comes in contact with skin. It is critical to treat these yeast producing feeding grounds because this is also where fruit flies do their breeding. Throughout the course of the shift many yeast producing liquids including alcohol, soda, and juices, are poured down the drains of the three compartment sinks that eventually make their way to the indirect drains located in the floors. Many areas in the back of the house including mop sinks and garbage rooms are also potential yeast producing sites and also must be treated.
The clean and odorless vapors released from Fruit Fly Burro are heavier than air so the strips must be placed above or directly in the food source areas.

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