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I know this is not very vegan of me, and I should probably release them outside, or something. Rachel from Mommy Greenest squirts dish soap into a shot glass and fills it to the top with wine, and places the glass where the fruit flies are hovering. After trying a few different fruit fly traps, I’ve found the one that has worked the best for me. This fruit fly trap will help you get rid of fruit flies from your house in no time at all.
We were having a HUGE problem with fruit flies at our house and my aunt told us about the apple cider vinegar and a drop of dawn soap. Robin, yes you can eventually put your fruit back on the counter… at least here where we only have fruit flies during the warmer months of the year. Marie, you only need to change the bowl if you find the collection of dead fruit flies unsightly. I have tried a few different methods over the years to try to get rid of them, but a couple of years ago I heard about a new method (new to me) from some friends of ours using apple cider vinegar and dish soap!
I always did a jar with some juice in it (the stuff the kids didn’t finish- frugal!!!) covered with plastic wrap and a few holes poked through.
Take a ziplock bag with water, vinegar, and a penny inside it and hang it with a nail on the frame of your garage door! I’ve tried the juice and dish washing liquid method and it works a little, but I still find that using a vacuum on the fruit flies is the best method.

It’s 30 degrees outside in Pa right now and the fruit flies are enjoying my warm house greatly. I’ve always used a small dish of plain white vinegar (set out on the counter) and they would be gone within a day.
Needing my measuring cup to make reuben casserole, I poured a little red wine vinegar into a bowl and followed it with a splash of the Clorox Green Works dish soap on my kitchen counter. Now, if I can just get somebody (meaning Joe again) to keep the kitchen scraps outside instead of on the counter, we might be able to keep them gone.
We get them too and usually use (sometimes expensive if that’s all we have) white and red wines to catch them!
Andres – I haven’t looked into them, but I saw either you or Juli said something about one on Facebook and I was meaning to ask. I am passionate about creating fun, meaningful, and educational experiences for my two young daughters as I inspire them to be lifelong learners who live fully (and frugally). Sit back, coffee in hand, and enjoy your reclaimed kitchen – it no longer belongs to the flies, but to you!
I’ve been looking for something to get rid of my fruit fly infestation and absolutely nothing has worked. Ultimately, if you live somewhere where it turns cold in the winter, the flies will die because it’s too cold (a little below 70 degrees) and too dry for them in the house. They are also known as drain flies so finding moisture in a warm house is not an issue for the little suckers.

As I am a keen wine maker and do a lot of chutneys and jams, basically throughout the year, the flies are drunk with alcohol and filled to the gunnels with chut’s. What I did was took an empty spice bottle with the shaker cap and put the vinegar and dish soap in that. And then, someone (meaning my husband) left his produce scraps in a bucket on the counter, and the flies really thrived.
Joe and I both made a concerted effort to keep the kitchen uber clean, and the flies almost went away. When I came back a few hours later, the bottom of my vinegar bowl was loaded with dead fruit flies.
In the bottom, she pours apple cider vinegar and places a piece of fruit, such as a banana. We have a worm composting bin and i guess i fed them too much at one time so we got flies instead!
They CONSTANTLY fly in when I open the door to the garage and have to get me, baby in carrier, and diaper bag in. If you don’t have fruit lying around, consider your kitchen drains as a possible source for these annoying insects.

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