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Flying Squirrels are usually classified as a pest species because they love to live in buildings, they are nocturnal, and they live in colonies of several animals. Despite the differences between flying squirrels and regular squirrels, both species will live in homes regardless of food sources nearby. Commercial companies will try and dupe the homeowner into buying a stack of repellents and deterrents for flying squirrels. The flying squirrel is an umbrella term that includes all the subspecies of flying squirrels that are named after their geographical location. Since the flying squirrel spans across the entire continent of North America their diet changes dramatically depending on their geographical location and how hungry they are.
The life expectancy for a flying squirrel is six years, and can extend to fifteen years if they are held in captivity. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged attic, bats, Flying, furbearing animals, gable, Goverment, infestation, Nulcear, screen, Squirrls, The Bug's End. About UsWe are a family owned business with a customer first attitude with fast, effective, and affordable pest solutions.
Flying squirrels are mostly nocturnal, and can be distinguished from regular squirrels by their large, orbital eyes. Homes next to wooded lots and state forests are often most susceptible to fly squirrel infestation. Make no mistake, poison will kill a flying squirrel; however, what happens next is often the cause of much more anxiety and stress for the homeowner.

This trapping can be done with a live trap, though squirrels have excellent memories and will often return to a den site miles away.
For the purpose of this web page, flying squirrel will refer to all of the flying squirrel species in North America from Northern Canada all the way to South America.
Generally speaking, flying squirrels are omnivores and will eat a variety of insects such as; spiders, beetles, slugs and moths. Flying squirrels know the area they live in very well and will glide to the nearest refuge when they sense danger.
Be aware that these squirrels do not fly like bats but glide and jump so it only appears that they are flying. Flying squirrels are often mistaken for infant grey squirrels due to their small size, lack of tail fluff and generally calm demeanor.
The main predators for the flying squirrel are: foremost is the owl, raccoons, coyotes, weasels, tree snakes, ground snakes like rattlesnakes and house cats. Flying squirrels are often smaller than grey squirrels and require even less of an opening to squeeze through. However, flying squirrels have very finely honed senses to protect against these predators. This is the time in a flying squirrels life when it is in the most danger of being killed because it has not yet learned the terrain like the adult flying squirrels. This gives the mother flying squirrel plenty of time to wean her young before the bitter winter sets in.

The best defense against a squirrel offense is to routinely maintain the outside of your home.
Be sure to buy large traps, not those used for the common mouse, and to bait them with something the squirrel will be attracted to. Flying squirrels are classified as scatter hoarders; this means that they hoard their food in many different spots surrounding the main living area, and this behavior is meant to increase food security. When a flying squirrel is born it is defenseless; it has no fur and the organs are still developing.
By patching all holes along the roof line, you are preventing squirrel interest in your home. They are known for the webbing that is attached to its belly and connects all the legs that gives it the unique ability to glide between the branches of trees, and this is how it got its name. Unlike smaller animals such as mice, a squirrel body (and those of multiple squirrels) will take longer to decompose. Complications often occur when traps are taken away too soon or when infant squirrels are left behind to decompose behind walls. Squirrels that are trapped but not killed may drag the trap into the wall where the animal will eventually die of starvation or from its injuries.

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