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Flying squirrels are one of the two squirrels in Georgia (the other is the gray squirrel) that account for most of the annoyance that squirrels cause. Once they're inside, flying squirrels can cause quite a nuisance, as well as a safety hazard. Flying squirrels, like all rodents, also create health risks when they move into human homes. A flying squirrel's diet consists mainly of nuts, seeds, fruits, mushrooms and other fungi, and sometimes insects, slugs, snails, bird eggs, nestlings, and other small animals. All this means that sealing flying squirrels out of a house requires a very experienced technician who knows how to find -- and seal -- every single possible entry point in the house. If you need help with flying squirrels or any animal problem, please call us for a no-obligation consultation.
Here are some pictures of flying squirrel removal jobs in and around Atlanta that we've done over the years.
Rid-A-Critter has the tools and personnel to handle any flying squirrel control job, so please call us today. Atlanta, its suburbs, and the communities of Buckhead, College Park, Conyers, Decatur, Fayetteville, Hull, Lilburn, Lithonia, Loganville, Mableton, Marietta, Norcross, Peachtree City, Powder Springs, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Stone Mountain, and Vinings.

While the flying squirrel is very common in Georgia, it is very rare to see them due to the fact that they are nocturnal creatures. Flying squirrels normally enter a home from a nearby tree, gliding down onto the roof from the elevated perch. If you find yourself listening to pitter patters above your head while lying in bed at night and wondering what is in your attic, the flying squirrel could be your culprit. There are two species in North America, the Northern and Southern flying squirrels, which are so similar that even biologists have a hard time telling them apart. While going unnoticed by most people, the squirrel makes its presents known when they decide to take up occupancy in an attic.
All Exterminating Wildlife Division can help with any issues you may have with flying squirrels. They can also stain and stink up the place with their urine, and the stains and odor are difficult to remove.
The ones we get around Atlanta and throughout most of the Eastern United States are the Southern ones, (Glaucomy volans). They also have slimmer bodies than other squirrels -- which is a handy thing for animals that fly -- which means they can get into very small holes and openings.

This is not only a more earth-friendly, environmentally approach that respects our natural world, but it's also the most effective way to keep flying squirrels (and other critters) out of your home permanently. We took lots of new rat, mice, flying squirrel and gray squirrel jobs this dreary Saturday.
Time for Ridacritter techs to get back to removing nuisance animals & sealing house to prevent animal entry. This skin is ultimately what gave the flying squirrel its name; while they do not actually fly, they glide through the air from an elevated jumping point.
Got Flying Squirel trapping and removal quotes in Dunwoody, Samdy Springs, and Decatur today. Jonesboro for squirrels, fayetville for bats, Decatur for rats, and last stop Marietta, flying squirrel in the house, twice.

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