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ANIMAL TRAPPING: Expert Raccoon Trapping, Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Trapping, Flying Squirrels, Woodchuck Removal, Opossum Trapping, Squirrel Control and Groundhog Removal.
ANIMAL EXCLUSIONS: The sealing of exit and entry holes used by Bats, Grey Squirrels, Red Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and Raccoons to gain access to your home. Note: Proper use of one-way squirrel doors is the fastest way to perform a squirrel removal from a dwelling. Along with gray squirrel control, flying squirrel control is one of our most-needed animal control services.
This gliding ability allows flying squirrels to get into homes and other buildings through openings that would be impossible to climb to from the ground. A flying squirrel's diet consists mainly of nuts, fruits, mushrooms and other fungi, insects, slugs, snails, and bird eggs. Flying squirrel control also requires specialized equipment such as long ladders, scaffolding, and lift trucks -- not the kind of things most people have stored in their garages. As the region's leading animal control company, Rid-A-Critter has both the people and the equipment on hand, and our work is backed by years of experience and the best warranty in the business. If you think you may have a flying squirrel problem, please call us for a no-obligation inspection, and our recommendations for removing flying squirrels and sealing them out of your home for good.

Rid-A-Critter has the tools and personnel to handle any flying squirrel control job, so please call us today. We regularly perform raccoon and squirrel removal to difficult to access areas such as: inaccessible attics, eaves, cathedral ceilings and crawlspaces. Squirrel Problem – To exclude gray squirrels or red squirrels from your home, we like to use one-way squirrel doors whenever possible. Their small size, secretive habits, and ability to fly make trapping and sealing flying squirrels out of houses a real science. The skill and knowledge required, the special equipment needed, the necessity of working high up in the air, and the inherent hazards of the work make flying squirrel removal a job for professionals. Our skilled animal control experts can handle any flying squirrel control job -- no matter how big or how small. Using squirrel doors is considered the best way to get rid of problem squirrels and eliminate an ongoing squirrel problem.
In addition, flying squirrel droppings, shed hair, and wastes can cause safety and health problems. We have animal control specialists who live and work throughout North Georgia; so a local technician will respond quickly when you call us.

We took lots of new rat, mice, flying squirrel and gray squirrel jobs this dreary Saturday.
After the squirrels have all exited your home, we’ll return and remove the squirrel doors and do the final sealing-up.
We then will warranty the entire property against any future problems with grey squirrels or red squirrels for an extended period of time.
Jonesboro for squirrels, fayetville for bats, Decatur for rats, and last stop Marietta, flying squirrel in the house, twice.
Cold weather is coming and when it arrives the flying squirrels will seek shelter in our attics.

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