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The Southern Flying Squirrel (flying squirrel) can adapt to human environments easily, and usually by choice. If you need flying squirrel removal services, Blue Ridge Wildlife Management, LLC is here to help you. The most common areas that flying squirrels enter a home or business are behind the gutter near a downspout, through the gable end louver vents, or the attic fan. The service fee covers us coming out, inspecting the exterior to find all the holes, setting the traps, and keeping them baited as long as it takes to catch the flying squirrels.
It is cost effective to the customer, knowing that we may catch several flying squirrels every trip.
The price per trip fee covers us coming out, removing the contaminated trap and flying squirrels from your property, resetting a clean trap with fresh bait, relocation of the flying squirrels, and cleaning and disinfecting the contaminated trap for the next customer. We set a minimum of two professional grade single-door humane live capture traps or one professional humane live capture colony trap.
This cover also prevents curious people that may pass by from seeing the flying squirrel(s) in the trap. It also reduces stress to the flying squirrel(s) while it is in the trap because it feels protected and unseen. We do not use cloth material to cover our traps because the wind may blow it off, and the flying squirrels will usually pull the cloth into the trap, leaving it uncovered. If the flying squirrels have not been caught in 30 days, which is rare, we will leave the traps out as long as it takes to catch them at no additional service fee cost.
Once the flying squirrels have been captured and we have not had any captures, or you have not seen or heard any activity in a week, then we will pull the traps and do the repairs.
The optional service warranty period will start upon completion of the repairs once the target animal(s) have been captured or after we pull the traps. This warranty will cover coming out, setting traps and re-baiting them as long as it takes to catch the flying squirrels, and the per trip fee.

Once we receive your payment for the renewal, we will return to your home and inspect the repaired areas for penetration from flying squirrels. If a flying squirrel penetrates the structure while it is under warranty, we will remove the flying squirrels, and repair the original damaged area for free. We will remove the flying squirrels for free and there might be a minimal charge for the repair. If the penetration point is obviously something we overlooked, there will be no charge at all to remove the flying squirrels and repair the damaged area.
It is a technique where damaged areas or possible penetration points are made uninhabitable, or penetrable, to the squirrel. Average flying squirrel job requires 2 - 3 trips when we use colony traps, and that is only after we have sealed up any other potential openings first. If we have to trap the flying squirrels in the attic, we will charge a flat rate to remove all of the flying squirrels. Typically, we do not set the traps in the attic space for flying squirrels because we can be more productive outside using a colony trap over the entrance or exit hole.
It is possible, and sometimes necessary, to trap flying squirrels in the attic, but takes a long time. Entering the attic space where the flying squirrels are can be dangerous and it also makes the flying squirrels a little weary to the traps.
We carry the necessary traps needed in our trucks daily on a seasonal basis to better service the customer the day they call. We ask you, the customer, to check the traps and notify us when we have an animal in the trap. If the customer checks the traps, it will eliminate additional costs to the customer, and it will also speed up the removal process. If this is a rental property, we can contact the tenants and ask them to check the traps, if necessary.

We typically shut the traps down for holidays, so that the customer does not have to be bothered with checking them.
We will make every effort we can to pick up the flying squirrel(s) and reset a trap as soon as possible. Our permit allows us to transport the live flying squirrels to another location to be relocated. Most importantly, once a flying squirrel(s) has established a nesting area in your home, it will do everything it can to stay.
The more that you mess with the flying squirrels, the smarter they get and the harder it is to trap them! Generally, once you go through a series of catches and they stop, you have removed the flying squirrels that know where that hole is. There is a good chance that the flying squirrel is not trapped in the wall; it is most likely building a nest in that location.
If a flying squirrel is actually trapped in the wall void, then we can remove it by cutting a 4 ½ inch hole in the wall to remove it. Squirrel control trapping removal nj 7326405488, Squirrels are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of living in houses. We have an collection of Squirrel Traps Ground Squirrel Control Flying Squirrels in various styles. Here is some inspiring pictures about Squirrel Traps Ground Squirrel Control Flying Squirrels . Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Squirrel Traps Ground Squirrel Control Flying Squirrels interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

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