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The reddish-brown American cockroach, or Periplaneta americana, is native to Africa, but has lived in the US since the early 1600s. Unlike the American roach, Blattella asahinai, or the Asian cockroach, is attracted to light, but rarely enters buildings or homes. The bright green Cuban cockroach, or Panchlora nivea, is mostly found in Central America, but can also be spotted in the Southwest US. The Parcoblatta pennsylvanica, or Pennsylvania woods cockroach is active during the day, and doesn't usually infest homes. The largest flying cockroach, Megaloblatta blaberoides, makes its home primarily in South and Central America.
Although cockroaches are often thought of as pests, fewer than 1% of them infest homes and bother people.

Those who do find themselves bothered by flying cockroaches can take a few approaches to get rid of them. In the rare event of a flying cockroach infestation, professional extermination is the most reliable method of removing the insects. I have seen a flying cockroach flying out of my bathroom sink yesterday,but we killed it before it could get out. I recently went into the bathroom and saw a massive cockroach on the wall and got some spray but before I got the chance to spray it flew around the room.
Although many species have adapted to living on the ground as scavengers, cockroaches have a long history, and may have been one of the first animals to fly. The Asian roach largely resembles the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, the large brown bug that is the most common cockroach species in American homes.

Also, since several species of flying cockroach are attracted to light, leaving porch lights off or making sure to close windows to rooms with lights on can help as well. I live in Sydney, Australia, and from what I've gathered, it's not supposed to be common here for a flying cockroach of this size. Many people dislike living around cockroaches in general because they can spread disease, ruin food and books, and leave a strong smell, but flying cockroaches usually do not directly bother humans. This species is often confused with the palmetto bug, or Florida woods cockroach, which is a poor flier.

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