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Flying ants will have a pinched waist, whereas flying termites will have a solid, thick waist.
Ants, male and female alates, leave the nest and after the female is inseminated, the male dies.
There are three simple characteristics to look for that can be used to tell the difference between a winged ant and a winged termite. Get rid of termites and ants fast with Ambassador Pest Management Services of Martin County and Palm Beach.

A termite swarm is when the reproductives from an existing colony will fly out to look for a new suitable place to mate and create a new colony. If you have termites, or if you are still unsure, we recommend that you contact us immediately for a free consultation.
The term alate simply means adult., sexually mature stage in the ant or termite life cycle. It is estimated that termites do about $2 billion worth of damage annually, doing more damage than fires, floods, and storms combined.

For these reasons, it is extra important for you to be able to identify termites in your home, and to be able to differentiate between termites and flying ants.

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