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This article consists of pictures,videos and information you need to know about Alate termites or commonly known as flying termites in Sydney Australia. The following is a brief video about flying termites and alates in Sydney Australia taken by Gerard  from Micropest Pest Control Sydney. My customers are for ever ringing me up telling me they have flying termites in the house which end up being flying ants.Ants generally swarm during the day,are smaller than flying termites and are black in color instead of brown. Out of all the thousands of swarming termites only several pairs will succeed in starting a new termite nest.
An alate or flying termites life span once its leaves the constant humidity of the termite nest lasts around twenty minutes,this  all depends on the humidity outside the nest.

Its reasonably safe to assume if you have found wings or termite bodies around the house a termite nest is very close which makes it definitely the wright time for a termite inspection.Very important to note just because you have found termite wings or bodies around the house does not mean you have termites eating your house. I personally have being in the pest control industry for over twenty five years and have accumulated an extensive knowledge about termites in Sydney Australia. When termites fly it is called a swarm.In Sydney a single termite nest can have as many as four swarms during a summer,generally starting late November and finishing around the middle of February.
So if one nest swarms four times a summer and starts up several new nests each swarm,that works out to be twenty eight new nests a year from one nest.Take into consideration that one termite nest lasts for about twenty five years or so that makes over the life span of the termite colony they can swarm seven hundred times staring up approximately  four thousand nine hundred  termite nests. So as soon as they fly out from the termite nest they are looking for a damp moist environment to start a colony.

Termites swarm in the evening around five or six o’clock, termites need  high humidity when swarming so they usually swarm just before an impending storm.

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