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Termites are fascinating creatures and have their place in the wild, but they often choose human dwellings and other buildings constructed by humans in which to find their food.
Those who own private or commercial property should contact the professionals at Sentry for assistance in preventing the damage caused by termites. Carpenter ants differ from termites in that they have dark-colored bodies, narrow waists, elbowed (bent) antennae, and - if wings are present - hind wings that are shorter than front wings (figures 4 and 5). Termites are light-colored, have a broad waist, have straight antennae and, if present, wings are of equal length (figure 6 and 7).
Carpenter ants damage wood by excavating and creating galleries and tunnels for their nest. In almost all cases, carpenter ants seen indoors during winter in the upper Midwest are an indication that there is an inside nest.
The nest may be located by careful observations of worker ants, especially between sunset and midnight during spring and summer months when carpenter ants are most active. Other signs that indicate an active nest is nearby include small piles of coarse sawdust or wood shavings (figure 13), or consistent indoor sightings of large numbers of worker ants, i.e.
The best method to control carpenter ants is to locate and destroy the nest, replace damaged or decayed wood, and, if they exist, eliminate moisture problems.
Sprays on surfaces where ants travel or congregate, such as along baseboards or in holes or cracks in the walls and floors, may reduce the frequency and number of ants you see. The keys to successful baiting are placement and monitoring; baits cannot be effective if they are not encountered by ants.
When this is not practical, and carpenter ants have been discovered entering your home from outdoor nests, having a professional apply a treatment of a residual insecticide around the building's exterior helps keep them out of your home. Spray the product in a band, covering the foundation and under the lower edge of the siding to help keep ants from coming inside. Carpenter ants nest in trees in one of two situations: 1) in rotted, decayed wood or 2) in the center heartwood section of the tree.
Control of carpenter ants in trees is warranted if there are indications that ants are entering homes from colonies in trees. Insecticides listed here refer to the names of active ingredients available for carpenter ant control. Insecticides are available in many stores, including hardware stores, gardening center, and variety retail stores.
If you see flying insects inside your house during the springtime, they are most likely subterranean termites. Arden Termite and Pest Control provides a complete line of services for termite inspections and pest control in the greater Sacramento area. If you see mud tubes on your foundation or while remodeling or cleaning the garage, it means you have termites!
No matter how old your home is, where it's located, or how it's constructed, it is susceptible to being attacked by termites.
We offer a 20% discount off the written estimate of any other pest control company's bid or current contract for subterranean termite treatments. We perform termite inspections, treatments and fumigations for the control of subterranean termites, drywood termites, wood boring beetles and other wood destroying pests. We recommend other local Sacramento pest control companies for the control of ants, bees, carpet beetles, earwigs, fleas, mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, spiders and other household pests.

Of approximately 700 species of ants in North America, only 25 species are considered structural pests which typically enter structures for food, water and occasionally for harborage. Ants are social insects which live in large colonies and undergo complete metamorphosis — egg, larva, pupa and adult. Still, the insects are different, and their differences can be recognized as noted in the photos. She lays the eggs, up to 2,000 in number during one day depending on the variety of termites.
The experienced team of technicians from Sentry Termite & Pest Control can inspect the structure and foundation for any signs of invasion or infestation before applying the proper treatments. There are several species of carpenter ants that may be found infesting homes and other buildings.
Carpenter ants are very common and are frequently seen in the open, especially after sunset. It is important to try to determine whether the ants are coming from an outdoor primary nests or an indoor area, although this can be difficult. Finding large numbers of winged ants indoors is a sure sign that an indoor nest exists and may give the approximate location of the colony. To follow carpenter ants without startling them, use a flashlight with a red film over the lens—ants cannot see red light. During spring, carpenter ants are particularly attracted to protein sources, such as tuna packed in water.
However, they are not usually effective in eliminating a nest because 1) the ants carry very little insecticide back to their nests and 2) most ants forage outside and do not come in contact with the insecticides. Trim branches that overhang buildings or electrical wiring to avoid giving carpenter ants easy access to your home.
Call our friends at Specialized Pest Patrol to exterminate ants, fleas, spiders, wasps, mice and other household pests.
From a consumer standpoint, ants are considered to be the number one pest in the United States (followed by cockroaches). Three types of individuals (castes) live within the colony: Queens typically are the largest ants in the colony. With the assistance of experienced professionals who understand termites and their habits and needs, home and business owners can prevent invasion and infestation by these industrious and hungry insects.
When the foundations, the inner beams and floor boards are eaten out by the insects, the entire building is in danger of collapse. In the spring and the fall, fully matured termites of the alate or winged type leave the nest and swarm. Some ants, including carpenter ants, have different sized workers which help the nest with a range of jobs from food collecting to nest defense.
However, they can be distinguished from carpenter ants by the uneven profile of their thorax (figure 3). They avoid light and are rarely seen outside of their colony, except when winged reproductives, called kings and queens, leave a termite colony. They are also very attracted to honeydew, a sweet liquid produced by aphids and scale insects.
A delayed toxicant is critical because it allows the ants to forage normally for days or even weeks.

Control is unnecessary for the tree's health, as the ants are taking advantage of preexisting soft, weak wood to establish their colony.
Termites prefer the rich sap of the wood and will eat the wood layers most saturated by the sap. For all termite problems or infestations, the professionals at Sentry Termite are ready to help.
These ants are usually not wood-infesting, so it is important to correctly identify the ants before control is attempted, as effective control strategies vary with different ant species. You may be able to make a more accurate determination based on when you first see carpenter ants.
It is common for a home dweller to enter a room early in the morning, turn on the lights, and see ants scurrying for cover. When trying to detect carpenter ants, tap the suspected area and then press an ear to the surface in order to hear any sound. During that time, ants consume or carry the bait and return to the nest to share the bait with the rest of the colony. Insects, disease, or environmental conditions such as drought are often responsible for weakening and killing limbs or sections of trees.
While they look like flying ants, they are most likely termites here in the Sacramento area.
Of course, professionals are able to find the evidence of the insects, and they can provide a barrier against these pests before it is too late. Indoors, carpenter ants feed on meats and pet food, as well as syrup, honey, sugar, jelly, and other sweets.
If you find carpenter ants in your home during late winter or early spring, that suggests the ants are coming from a nest in the building. There are no insecticides available to the public that are labeled for this type of application.
This allows wood rot to set in, which results in wood decay, giving carpenter ants the opportunity to colonize the tree. On a bright sunny day, ants may be seen walking randomly through different areas of the house. Never apply insecticides on or around baits because this will prevent feeding and render baits useless. Carpenter ants use knots, cracks, holes, and old insect tunnels to gain access to these areas. Walls, flooring, and the frame structures of wood are all at risk when termites find their way inside the building. Do not spray or dust other areas of the home, especially where carpenter ants are seen, as this can reduce the effectiveness of the bait. Then, the antennae of the termite are like a string of beads stretched outward while the ant antennae are permanently bent like an arm with an elbow. It won't kill the termite colony but it will slow them down until we can treat your home with Termidor, the most effective guaranteed termite treatment.

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