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We are suppliers of a full range of fly screening products suitable for commercial kitchens to domestic houses and conservatories, including electric fly killers (electrocuters).
Our range of products include; fully retractable fly screens for windows and doors, heavy and medium duty hinged fly screen doors, fixed frame and hinged window fly screens, chain link fly screen curtains, fly mesh strip curtains, perforated PVC curtains, plain PVC curtains (walk-in fridges), electronic fly killers, rolls of fly screen mesh. If you do not see what you require on the following pages, please contact us for friendly service.
Delivery is usually maximum 7 working days to any part of the UK mainland, all our fly screens and doors carry a 5 year warranty.

You can buy Eco Friendly Electric fly killers which will get rid of unwanted flies, insects, mosquitoes, wasps and flying insects with our our massive range of fly killers.
Our pest control is available to buy online, however if you are unsure of the most suitable fly killer for you then please call our team to ensure that you buy the right product for your requirements. Firstly we would suggest a measure to prevent flies from entering the property such as a door curtain or window screen.A flyer killer on the inside of the house is then necessary to keep on top of any flies that manage to get through the external traps. Common house flies can generally be caught by both electric and glue board fly killers as they, along with most other flying insects are generally attracted to UV light.

However this attraction only occurs after they have gained their sight after the first couple of days alive.For small flies located in a smaller area it maybe easier to try some of the smaller ‘sticky traps’, such as fly papers.

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