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The Insect-a-Clear 22 watt Compact Electronic Grid Flykiller or Fly Zapper has an all steel case in a white finish with an easy to remove fly catch tray. PlusZap Electric Fly Killers are discreet and easy-to-service units, ideal for effective fly control in offices, shops and food premises. The modern design and sleek aluminium finish of the PlusZap Fly Killer Units make them ideal for use in customer-facing areas. Vermatik insect killers are fitted as standard with 368nm Blue UV tubes, much more efficient that similar looking budget units that come with the less effective 350nm UV tubes.
We recommend placing the unit in a shadowed or a dark as area as possible and at a height of 1.6 metres from the floor to fully combat the natural sunlight which distracts the flies from the killing grid.

HSD Online were one of the first companies to sell electric fly killers online in the UK, prior to this it was only commercial outlets that had access to electric fly killers through trade wholesalers. Over the years HSD has sold tens of thousands of electric fly killers to home owners and business owners and this product range we have on offer has proved a tremendous success. HSD Online work directly with the manufacturers and are one of the only companies who are constantly developing and bringing new innovations to the Electric Fly Killer market. It is used below the fan and the mosquitoes can't fly out even though the power is shut off.
The Insectaclear uses a 22 watt Ultra Violet or blue light circular tube to attract flies and flying insects onto it's electrified stainless steel grid.

The staggered tubes create efficient light output, while the innovative offset killing grid creates a large catch area with easier servicing. The Insectaclear Compact Electric Fly Killer or Fly Zapper can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or free standing and is best for household or commercial use.
This Electronic Fly Killing machine is used to great effect in food preparation areas in hotels, retaurants, pubs, fish and chop shops, cafes and take aways as well as in shops and small supermarkets.

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