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This week saw Catcuddles make one of the biggest rescues it has had to make in quite a while.
When this family arrived at the cat sanctuary all of them were seriously under weight, flea infested and had such bad parasites that their stomachs were very bloated. Donated goods will be of immediate use in feeding, rehabilitating and socialising cats and kittens while they await adoption by forever homes.
There are so many little things we love about our furry friends; every cat has its own special quirks which captivate and entertain us. The four kittens have been named Paloma (all grey), Charity (grey and white), Inky Snowball (all black) and Hemmingway (black and white).
It is usually approximately ?50-?80 but may be more if your cat is already pregnant – so act fast! Females can become pregnant at 4 months so it is best to arrange neutering as soon as your vet feels your kitten is ready. Your cat’s whiskers may appear to be pretty facial decorations but in fact they serve many important purposes. He is the most attention seeking cat I have ever had, he waits to greet me in the hall every time I come in, follows me from room to room and sits and cuddles for hours. To decide when to neuter a cat some vets use a weight limit which may mean that a large male sibling will be able to be neutered earlier than his sister even if they are from the same litter.

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