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Pets must also be treated for fleas as if they are not then the flea problem will keep returning! As fleas are a real nuisance pest that most people want killed ASAP we are happy to treat the call as an emergency at no extra fee! Flea control trap, These traps are used to confirm there is a flea infestation, then to identify the flea species. We offer several flea pest control services to monitor any potential or exterminate any current infestations.
Fleas lay their eggs loosely amongst the clothing and or bedding of the host and infestations can develop in carpets.
We have been controlling fleas in domestic properties in London and the surrounding for over 20 years, and unlike many of our competitors we are fully trained in the correct and safe use of professional insecticide formulations.
Call 24hr Flea Control London for all your rat, mice, squirrels, pigeons and bird problems. 24 hr Flea Control London was formed to provide preventive and reactive pest control services including the removal in a controlled manner of rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, moths, ants, mites and spiders.
With a management team that have the experience to deal with any London flea problem, 24hr Pest Control offer a broad range of flea prevention and control services to households and business across London at competitive rates and can design contracts to suit individual requirements. If you’ve got a problem with fleas, just one phone call to 24hr pest control is the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of them! The flea species most frequently encountered in the home is the cat flea; this species is responsible for approximately 75% of flea infestations in the UK.
Occasionally your pet will pick up fleas from an animal that is already infested and it is even possible for people without pets to carry fleas home after visiting an infested area. Just a few fleas introduced into the home in this way would be all that it takes to create a major problem in a very short time.
Many of adult fleas will usually remain on the host animal where they will need to feed regularly at short intervals.

Fleas can transmit tapeworms, this occurs when the animal accidentally swallows fleas while biting at them in the course of grooming.
Flea infestation control and treatment - My Pest Control Services - Burton, West Midlands and Sutton Coldfield.
Flea Bomb Killer  We sell flea killer treatment bombs, flea killer sprays for both cat and dog fleas with also safe non toxic flea sprays and flea powders providing safety to both children and animals. In most cases, people proceed with treatment of pet's infestation or the individual flea bites on themselves.
Fleas are parasites that draw blood form their hosts – this is their specialty as adults. If you see black, pepper-like particles in pet beds or in other privy places they use, it is an indication of flea presence. If you can arrange to be out of the property for 6-8 hours (after flea treatment) well will respond to a call the same day! With more than 20 years experience, 24hr flea Control London are a pest control company that are focused on providing a professional, quality and reliable flea control service across London and surrounding areas. Even the most immaculately cared for and spotlessly clean home can suffer from unwanted and unwelcome infestations from Fleas, Rats, Cockroaches, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Ants, Mice, Pigeons and the like, but when you want that problem gone – go to 24hr Pest Control Services London. Contrary to popular belief, the cat flea is not entirely host specific, both males and females will take a blood feed from cats, dogs, and humans, although the female must have a blood feed from the natural host in order to lay viable eggs.
It has been estimated that ten female fleas can theoretically produce a quarter of a million offspring within just one month under ideal humidity and temperature conditions found in the average centrally heated home. However, at any one time less than 1% of a flea population is in the adult stage and on the animal host whilst the other 99% go virtually unnoticed, concealed in the environment as developing fleas.
Our fleas treatment experts in London will provide you with next-generation measures against this pest.
If you see even one of these jumping insects, you should proceed with professional flea extermination as soon as possible.

Fleas are now becoming resistant to this insecticide.  Speak to your vet about this as they may not be aware of the resistance and may sell you a product that just won’t work!
If it is not possible for you to stay out of the house for this long at such short notice, we can arrange to treat the fleas first thing the following morning! Our Flea treatments are available 7 days a week and come with a 100% complete eradication guarantee. The adult flea is parasitic requiring a blood feed but the larvae are not, they instead feed on organic debris found in the environment including partially digested blood found in the excreta of adult fleas.
The pupae will be very resistant to adverse environmental conditions; the adult fleas emerge from pupae under the influence of stimuli such as vibration and increased carbon dioxide concentrations. Book our flea control in London, for you may have been infested with this notorious jumping pest! Not only pets suffer from flea bites – humans can be threatened if the flea population goes out of control. A single flea lives up to 100 days and needs one mate to produce up to five hundred larvae.
The flea eggs can hatch on different places around your home – wall coverings, fissures, beds and so forth. In fact, you should never underestimate the deadly potential of these tiny creatures - the Black Death pandemic that swept across Europe in the 14th century was carried by fleas on rats. If your pets repeatedly scratch and groom themselves, it is a clear sign of flea infestation.

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