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Flea and tick control must be done in every dog as they might easily catch up with a flea allergy, flea anemia or a flea-borne typhus. The flea collar is the best way to get rid of the fleas and it helps in controlling the flea from approaching the dog in the near future. The flea deterring drink can be served to your dog to make them stay away from tickling and from the fleas. This solution contains lemon and has the ability to kill the fleas that try to harm your dog. The flea spray can help your dog to get an instant relief from the ticks and from the fleas.

Ingredients – Take a cup of white distilled water, fresh water, three drops of cedar oil and a spray bottle. The fleas and ticks can bring dangerous issues with your dog and it can spread the disease to your whole family. This drink helps in improving the skin and the coat condition of your dog and they can stay away from any tickling sensation in their body.
The fleas and ticks would love to hang out with the hair of the dogs and get into their blood to cause some dangerous diseases. The following are some of the natural home remedies that one can easily make in their home to get rid of the fleas and for a tick control in the dogs.

Spray all around the neck and chin area to make the skin turn soft and to make the pets stay away from fleas. Lemon can heal the wounds that happen due to the fleas and it can stop the fleas from attacking your dog again. The fleas will fly away from your dog when they inhale the smell of this natural repellent.

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