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Keep a Watchful Eye On the Lawn: Whether you have a lawn care service or you handle it on your own, make sure everyone knows to be on the lookout for fire ants. Know Fire Ants: Even if you think you see a fire ant mound, it’s important to remember that other creatures make similar kinds of mounds, so make certain you’re dealing with the right pest. Call the Right Pest Control Service: Once you notice you do actually have a fire ant problem, it’s time to contact a professional pest control service.
The real key to control is to take care of it at the first sign of a problem, so the more frequently you watch for signs of these pests, the more likely you are to be able to deal with them.

Ant baits and DIY sprays from the local hardware store aren’t going to cut it with these pests. Fire ant activity tends to be pretty strong during the cooler months because the ants spend their time mating and moving around to develop new colonies, so watch out for new mounds. Unfortunately, Florida seems like fire ant headquarters these days, and once they move into your lawn, you can bet the chances of a sting go up dramatically. This is a life threatening situation for children, pets, and those allergic, so control is an absolute must.

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