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All will agree with the point that bed bugs are really a nuisance and no time should be wasted getting rid of them. However, by keeping your home and furniture neat and clean you can prevent bed bugs from attacking you. If you keep the furniture and bed regularly in direct sunlight, it will help to eliminate these bugs, as they cannot stand the intense heat of sun rays.
If you see small reddish tiny spots on skin that itch a lot and your pet does not have fleas, you can attribute the bites to bed bugs.

Cleaning carpets, beds, cushions and sofas regularly using a vacuum cleaner will prevent the bed bugs from hiding there.
But there are possibilities that bed bugs may enter your home after you have traveled or been to someone else’s house who has an infestation.
Furthermore, if the infestation is big, you will get a weird unpleasant odor around the bed or couch that is infested, particular when you are sitting or lying. Thus you can confirm the existence of bed bugs in your place even without seeing them physically.

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