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Tony Pisano With step by step instructions, a table saw, and a few other common tools and materials, you can build everything you need to house and protect your bees – from hive bodies to supers and covers.
By Doug Somerville A Manual on honey bee nutrition for beekeepers, providing information on the known essential chemical requirements of honey bees including the components of nectar and pollen.

Harvest your own honey, make your garden or orchard more productive, nurture local food systems, connect with nature, and help bring honey bees back from population decline. It provides essential information on the bee’s life cycle, the basic equipment required for beekeeping, where to position hives, and obtain a bee colony, how to care for a colony and increase its size, the harvesting of honey and wax, how to move hives, swarm control, and the nectar and pollen flowers that attract bees to Australian and New Zealand gardens.

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