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On average, rat removal can vary anywhere from $250 to as much as $900, depending on the size of the job.  Most jobs are going to cost between $300 and $500. Traps that can be purchased by the homeowner can cost anywhere from $15 to as much as $55 or more for a sophisticated package.  For example, the Agri Zap RZU001 retails for $47 to $62.
For those with a bad infestation, monthly traps or checks up may be necessary by the extermination company to ensure that the infestation doesn’t come back.

Some extermination companies may have a builders license will be able to patch any holes in the drywall, the home, as well as re-work electrical wires and any other cosmetic problem that need to be fixed.
Look for extermination companies to send out local coupons in the mail or through the newspaper.  Some companies may offer a free consultation if you agree to sign a contract.

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