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Bed Bugs Are Back…and Probably Here To StayCarefully use pesticides known to control bed bugs Check the WSDA website for a list of licensed PMPs. BED BUGSIt is also possible for bed bugs to crawl through small spaces between units in a hotel or apartment building. McCord Web DesignAccording to the NPMA 2010 Comprehensive Global Bed Bug Study conducted in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, 67% of 1,000 pest management firms surveyed reported treating bed bug infestations at a hotel or motel in the past 12 months. This entry was posted in Bed Bugs and tagged biological pest control, delta dust, dream sleep, hotel apartment, hotel august, hotel delta, how to get rid of bed bugs, video protocols by Neil.

The links below may provide you with helpful information for combating bed bugs, but please note, by including these resources on our website the BBAC does not necessarily confirm the authoritativeness of the facts presented nor does it endorse the protocols described in the external links or documents below.
Because bed bugs can survive for many months without feeding, they may already be present and hidden in apartments or homes that appear to not have any bed bugs. Many of EPA's stakeholders have noticed the agency's gradual move to new versions of its content as part of the larger EPA effort to build a more user-friendly website. This may cause links and bookmarks to break and EPA is working to fix any broken links on our website.

Bed bugs are most active at night and bite any exposed areas of skin while an individual is sleeping. The majority of the old pesticide pages will redirect to the new web areas, but EPA encourages users to update theirbookmarks.

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