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Use rocks as dividers from wooded areas to living areas to keep ticks away from areas most often used. Since frogs and bees are both important parts of the ecosystem, it doesn’t make sense to wipe them all out in an effort to control ticks.
I actually bought the kind that you can mix in with your pets food and put on their skin, it saved me last year~! Use this interactive tool below that we developed with partners at the Boston Globe to Get TickSmart and help stay TickSafe in your yard all year long.

By trimming shrubs and low branches, as well as raking and removing leaves, you can remove conditions that allow ticks to survive in your yard.
Help spread the word about the perimeter yard sprays by adding a widget like this to your own blog or web site! Your donation to TickEncounter Resource Center helps support tick-bite prevention tools and tick-borne disease research.
TickEncounter.org is a leading national health promotion resource center promoting tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.

Our goal is to allow URI Alumni to stand up and be counted against the spread of tick-borne disease. Strain the fruit out, let it cool, pour into the sprayer, and squirt it on you, your kids, your pets, your yard and anywhere ticks might be found in your yard.

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