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This fruit fly trap will help you get rid of fruit flies from your house in no time at all. We were having a HUGE problem with fruit flies at our house and my aunt told us about the apple cider vinegar and a drop of dawn soap. Robin, yes you can eventually put your fruit back on the counter… at least here where we only have fruit flies during the warmer months of the year.
Marie, you only need to change the bowl if you find the collection of dead fruit flies unsightly. There is no doubt that the early Portuguese navigators brought home excellent charts of their voyages.

Behaim, of course, enjoyed many opportunities for examining the charts brought home by seamen not only, but also other curious maps, whose existence has been recorded although the maps themselves have long since disappeared.
Diogo Gomez, an old mariner, well known to Behaim, to whom he presented his account De prima inventione Guineae, tells us that Joao de Castro, on his homeward voyage in 1415, had to struggle against the current which swept round Cabo de Non, upon which Hercules had set up a column with the well-known legend, quis navigat ultra caput de Non revertetur aut non. Sit back, coffee in hand, and enjoy your reclaimed kitchen – it no longer belongs to the flies, but to you!
The author of the globe was well aware that the three northern kingdoms, since the Union of Calmar (1397), were ruled by the King of Denmark, for the standard of that kingdom flies at the mouth of the Elbe, at the westernmost point of Norway and on Iceland. I was so happy… Thank you so much for posting this helpful thing so that my family and I can reclaim back our home.

It was left by the said gentleman, Martin Behaim, to the city of Nuremberg, as a recollection and homage on his part, before returning to meet his wife (Johanna de Macedo, daughter of Job de Huerter, whom he married in 1486) who lives on an island (at Fayal) seven hundred leagues from this place, and where he has his home, and intends to end his days. During his earlier years in Portugal he was connected with one or more expeditions down the coast of Africa, was knighted by the king, presumably for his services, and made his home for some years on the island of Fayal.

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