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There are many kinds of bees and wasps; from the docile and helpful honey bee to the aggressive stinging hornet or wasp. Many bees that take up residence in your home or property can sting, and will often swarm and do so when disturbed. Fox Pest Control has helped over 14,000 homeowners over the years exterminate and control their pest problems. All Fox Pest Control technicians are thoroughly vetted and background checked prior to hire.

Some bees will build nests in the ground, while others will build them in trees, off roof eaves, or even within the walls of your home. Over the years we’ve helped over 14,000 homeowners exterminate and control their pest problems.
Because it can be difficult to determine exactly what kind of bee or wasp is causing you a problem, it’s best to give Fox Pest Control a call for a prompt free inspection. We’ll identify the problem and will provide a free, no obligation estimate on how to eliminate it.

We provide a free home inspection in order to fully evaluate your pest problem, and to give you an accurate zero obligation estimate to treat the problem.

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