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A single unit may help with problems in the entire home & was designed to work behind walls, floors and ceilings where rodents typically nest. PEST-A-CATOR begins working within days,so you may see an increase in activity during this initial clean up period. PESTACATOR Plus may help with rodent problems in the home, office, restaurant, health care facility or other enclosed structures with standard electrical wiring within 2-4 weeks. Patented pulse (electro-magnetic) technology plus ultrasonic technology creating a dual technology product as another possible alternative for rodent problems. A single Pest-A-Cator Plus 2000 unit may help with rodent problems in the larger home, office, restaurant, health care facility or other enclosed structure (generally about 2000-2500 sq. 1.             Take special care not to leave doors, windows, basements, and garage doors open as new rodents may wander in briefly before they are affected by the unit.
2.             Take special care not to leave human, animal or pet food supplies in open areas, which can attract new rodents before they are affected by the unit. 3.             Take special care not to carry in new rodents when transferring food supplies, grains, animal feed, etc. 4.             Even though occasional new rodents may wander briefly into the affected area, they should not stay long before being affected by the unit. 6.             This unit will not affect household pets (except rodent pets such as hamsters, gerbils or mice), computers, or appliances.

Just plug the unit into an indoor outlet and this technology starts working by altering the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that may aid in the control of rodents in the walls and ceilings where problems exist.
Just tried the Emerson Electronic mosquito repeller, and was pleasantly surprised- at our Adirondack lake house, we have been swarmed by deer flies, and gnats and mosquitos all day- found this emerson key chain and decided to try it while we were sitting on the dock, enjoying cocktail to watch sunset. If what you are saying is true, these pest repellent devices should be able to repel all insects.
I believe the electronic pest repellers work BUT an important factor is how bad the buyers infestation is. Just found the manufacturer site that states: Pestacator is NOT guaranteed to work on insects. The premise seems sensible enough – they supposedly do the job by sending out sounds that are annoying to critters but inaudible to humans.
Within days you may see an increase in activity as the Pest A Cator Plus begins working.  During this initial period, manual trapping methods are recommended to aid with clean up in infested areas. They can be used around all household animals except gerbils, hamsters and other rodent pets. Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6 – 10 days and minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing rodents by not requiring you to dispose of rodent remains.
I moved into an older house that had obvious signs of rodent throughout and even heard them in the walls at night.

The complex has a heavy turnover of migrant workers due to this part of Cali is mainly Agriculture. The Incredible Riddex® Power Plus will rid your home of rodents in a safe, chemical free way!
Temporarily I have dryers sheets hung up around the areas of my room where I don’t want them and they for some strange reason stay away from the dryer sheets. The only issue I have is that they find other areas away from the dryer sheets so I am thinking of making a spray solution with the dryer sheets and going all over my room with it.
The neighbors complain about hearing rodents in another building in the air conditioning vents but I hear nothing. It also might help that our maintenance man states that many of the neighbors have problems due to unsanitary conditions because they have the pest control company here every month. Went to Home Depot & bought everything from boric acid powder to these electronic devices.

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