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A safety features ensures that the Mouse Killer does not present a hazard to children or pets. This is one of the best type of rat control products that you can buy and it will kill, stop and get rid of a problem with rats fast.With the Electric Rat Killer and Zapper, rats are quickly electrocuted and so this is therefore a humane method for killing, stopping and getting rid of a rodent rat problem. Electronic Rat Killers and Zappers use 4 x "C" batteries and will kill up to 12 rats with one set of batteries.

When a rat has been killed, a green indicator light flashes for up to 24 hours to indicate a rat catch. When a mouse enters the electronic mouse killer and negotiates its way towards the bait, it reaches a point where it touches both killing plates and completes an electrical circuit, which kills the mouse virtually instantly.FeaturesFour AA-size batteries (not included) provide enough power for up to 50 kills.
Easy to bait and switch on for these Electronic Rat Zappers and Traps to start effective rodent control.

Warning light signals when batteries need replacing.Built-in safety features ensure that the Mouse Killer does not present a hazard to children or pets.

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