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When the time comes for fighting mosquitoes, you may want to equip yourself with a mosquito zapper – just to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, as well as to keep swarms of mosquitoes at bay. FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device is actually a heavy-duty indoor or outdoor mosquito zapper. This unit can help you improve the health and quality of life, as it reduces the spread and annoyance level of mosquitoes and other flying insects carrying infectious diseases. Even if you are nostalgic about using handheld mosquito zappers in your childhood, along with trusty newspapers and magazines in order to exterminate insects, take into consideration that the mosquito zappers described above not only able to cover a larger area, but also are sanitary, effective, and require little supervision.
When you use this zapping racket, the bugs actually serve as conductors between its imbalanced rods. What is important, it is a nontoxic bug zapper with good protection from accidental touches. If you set an electric fly zapper in your courtyard or inside the house, it will help to reduce the amount of bugs flying around and inside it. I think that everyone who lives in the private house in different seasons of the year has a problem of these annoying flying insects that either fly around with buzzing or bite you with such cruelty!
Mosquito zapper, well-known electronic insect control system, is working the following way: it lures various insects into the contraption where they get exterminated with electric shocks.
Electric fly swatter, also known as manual zapper, looks like a tennis racquet but with electric wires.
Solar powered zapper, in its turn, can be installed effortlessly – all you need to do is stake it into the ground somewhere with ample sun light.
Rechargeable zapper would be a great addition to your gazebo, deck, and porch, able to eliminate the flying pests like mosquitoes. A new superefficient model from electronic mosquito repellents series – Electronic Mosquito-Away. Electric insect killerInsect Killer,mosquito killer,pest killer,bug zapper MJ-12 is aluminum alloy insect killer. The consumer’s guide below covers top 5 mosquito zappers to help you choose the best equipment for the fight! Featuring two 40-watt BF150 Blacklight Bulbs, the device lures light sensitive insects through an outer protective enclosure to its electro-statically charged killing grid to quickly and safely eliminate them.

That is why I made a little research about what zappers are available now, what users write about them, and this information helped me to form my own choice in favour of Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer. Such devices are called bug zappers that can effectively clear up the territory in and around your house from biting flying insects. In most cases the mosquito zappers use ultraviolet light which lures in flying insects, and when the mosquitoes come in contact with the electric grid of the system, they get electrocuted on contact. This kind of mosquito zappers just harnesses the energy of the sun and can zap with its electric charge over many flying insects. In most cases, the device has ultraviolet lights luring mosquitoes into an electric grid to get zapped and fall to the ground.
Electric mosquito zappers, indoor mosquito zapper, bug killers, mosquito magnet, bug zapper. You can solve the problem without annoying smells with the help of Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer. If you have a swarm of mosquitoes attacking, these zappers will keep them away from your home.
Once you hit the flying insect, the racket creates a nice spark along with a zapping sound, as it discharges its static electricity to the insect.
This time I want to tell you about one of my first electronic bug zappers – Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer that is advertised as a powerful bug control system for 1 acre coverage.
Its principle is similar to other zappers – attracting flies by powerful UV light and killing them with the aim of high voltage grid.
Some bug zappers are additionally equipped with octenol lure that attracts those insects that are indifferent to ultraviolet lightning. If for some reasons you don’t want to use repellents on skin, an electric zapper can be a good solution for controlling biting insects.
Solar powered zapper is absolutely environment-friendly kind of protection for the whole family, able to protect you for about eight hours on a full charge. Outdoor electric mosquito zappers are suitable for outdoor use and with heavy duty zapping power, as their bulbs can be easily replaced without requiring any assembly. This electronic mosquito repellent enables you to protect yourselves from mosquitoes more safely and effectively.

Portable hand-held electric bug zappers are widely popular, since they are perfect for killing mosquitoes, bees, flies, and any other flying insects while camping.
In such a way a zapper provides maximally effective protection for all types of insects that can affect people.
Such zapper is very handy, because you are able to take it wherever you want, including camping and beach. Such zapper is able to work 24-hours a day while featuring low maintenance and is very easy to clean.
Besides, Stinger MK100 Mosquito Zapper also uses dusk to dawn sensor for energy efficiency, and includes 2 in 1 power bait, containing Octenol and Lactic acids. Outdoor zappers have more open construction, they are usually bigger in size that provides better efficiency, needed for fighting all insects flying around your house. By installing zapper for indoor use you can get rid of flies without chasing them with fly swatter. I prefer to leave bottles with repellent away from food, that’s why decided to try a bug zapper.
The zapper has a protective casing for the bulbs, so your kids and pets would be safe from electric shocks.
The zapper in question can lure a wide variety of mosquitoes, and even the Asian Tiger, which would be drawn into the unit by fan and fall harmlessly to the ground. Finally, this kind of mosquito zapper is weather proof, because it’s made of stainless steel. Approximately 95% of all flying insects are caught by this small lantern, and this is perfectly enough for calm being outdoors even late in the evening.
However, you should always remember that the swatter is not a toy, so the kids should be under adult supervision when using the zapper.

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