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If ticks go into your house with the host mouse, they will drop off when their hunger is satisfied.
Keep mice out by  keeping bushes and wood piles away from your house, closing all entry points into buildings, and keeping baited traps in any area that mice have shown a preference for in the past.
I admit, however, that I stay indoors during peak bug activity hours and avoid letting bright lights beam an open invitation at night. This year, one of the insects we have noticed as particularly abundant in the Pacific Northwest is the Earwig.

Consider having a professional from Enviro-tech Pest Services come in and treat your vacation house so you can live in peace. I capture some of the bugs in my house and release them to the wild, but I also vacuum them up, step on them, and wash them down the drain.
Earwigs get their name from the old wives' tale that they crawl into people's ears while they're sleeping, and tunnel into their brain and lay eggs (Figure 2). You can treat her easily when you’re back home, but you now have fleas in the beach house.

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