Dx610 electronic pest repeller review,get rid of carpenter bees yourself,killing earwigs in house - And More

Category: How To Get Rid Of Mice | 14.02.2014
The DX610 electronic pest repeller is designed and engineered to QUICKLY drive out rodents, including mice and rats, water bugs, roaches, spiders, and most unwanted household pests and insects. Our patented DX610 utilizes "advanced state of the art technology" and works by transmitting a POWERFUL range of ultrasonic sound waves in the 40 to 45K Hz range.

The auto-changing, high intensity frequencies and pulse sequences that are generated by the DX610, are CRITICAL because it is what prevents rodents and other pests from easily ADAPTING to the sound. The sound waves work on the pests nervous system and once they are irritated they will leave.

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