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Common fly species rentokil pest control, Find facts about common types of flies found in the uk, including house fly, cluster fly, bluebottle fly, fruit fly, horse fly and vinegar fly.. Clogmia albipunctata mothfly (psychodidae) bathroom fly, Mosca de banheiro clogmia albipunctata mothfly (psychodidae) bathroom fly, psychodoidea, psychodomorpha, nematocera, diptera, moth flies, drain flies, true. Vinegar flies, sometimes inaccurately called fruit flies or bar flies, are small flying insects and yellowish brown to dark brown in colour.

You can control most common pests on your own, without spending big bucks on an exterminator.
Vinegar flies are often seen hovering around overripe fruit and vegetables, baked goods containing yeast, rubbish bins, unclean mops and dishcloths, drainwater, and around beverages such as fruit juices, cider, soft drinks, beer, wine and vinegar.

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