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Drain Fly (using a magnified lens)For the past two weeks, my family has been dealing with what we thought were fruit flies. When I asked a few friends whether they were having the same problem, I was shocked to find out that everyone I know who I asked, and who lives in my neighborhood, reported the same issue. Drain flies look very similar to fruit flies, but feed off of and lay their eggs in the accumulation of muck located inside the drain.
Of course, this approach will kill the living drain flies, but won’t eradicate the ones that will be born from the eggs living inside of our drain. 1) Pour boiling water down the drain, and use a disposable kitchen brush to clean the sides of the drain.
Remove the drain’s cover and rotate a brush (a large toothbrush should work, but a kitchen scrub brush would work better) in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion to remove the organic matter from the drain.
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Moth flies can be present anywhere in a home, especially in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. If you are dealing with a drain, you need to remove the gelatinous gunk that has accumulated. 2 Comments Tags: Baby, Drain flies, fruit flies, how to get rid of drain flies, how to get rid of drain flies organically, Parenting, pesky fruit flies, plumber, toddler.

The two cleaners will cause a chemical reaction that results in a frothy mixture bubbling up from your drain. Wet a cloth and place it over the drain while the chemicals bubble to prevent the mixture from getting into your sink.
So with the more than 100 kinds grown at the Arboretum this past summer, it was fun looking at the huge variety and deciding which ones I would try cooking this winter.
Cut the bottom of the decorative pot covering so excess water drains out, and place the poinsettia in a bright, sunny location. The more you use over the winter, the more likely that plants will be burned be deicer or fertilizer salts. Managing systems to permit maximum airflow reduces drying time on leaves and reduces the opportunities for fungal spores to germinate.For the purposes of this article let's assume that all best efforts were made and a spray as the last resort was required.
Once you get the tree home, cut an inch or so off it's base, then set it immediately in a stand that holds plenty of water.
If you can still find open Farmer's Markets, you will likely have a much better selection of squash and pumpkins than the one or two kinds available in the supermarket.Pumpkin and winter squash were cultivated by the American Indians for centuries and are native to North America.
Most of the large fruited types, the HUGE award winners, 'Boston Marrow' and 'Mammoth' are Cucurbita maxima, along with many kinds including buttercup, kabocha and hubbard squash.The third species is the buff-colored butternut squash, these oblong beige fruits are Cucurbita moschata, and are excellent for baking and pies.
Varieties that need 120 days will likely be successful only in the southern portion of the state.

So looking for a product with this as the active ingredient would be the first choice.If you encountered tarnished plant bug in your strawberries, you would want to choose an insecticidal soap as a first choice over malathion. Curing heals wounds, helps ripen immature fruit, enhances color, and insures a longer post-harvest life. After curing, the fruit can be stored at 50-55 degrees but no cooler, and it can be held at room temperature if 50-55 is not possible. Fruit that is mature green, may ripen further indoors but will not have as high nutritional value, or flavor.
If the fruit is fully mature, it will remain firm and can actually improve in storage, for 3 to even 6 months, if the rind has been cured properly and is not bruised. By far the easiest way is simply by cutting the fruit in half, removing the seeds and baking it cut side down.

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