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Drain flies are small flies which have different names such as sewer flies, moth flies, etc.
We call these insects differently: drain flies, sewer flies, moth flies, bathroom flies… Different names are given to the same species. They fly poorly therefore they are mostly found indoors, crawling, and taking very short flights at a distance of just a few feet. Drain flies house infestation is extremely problematic for those who live in the said house. Basically, prevention is pretty straightforward: you have to clean regularly all of the sinks and drains at your place. It also decomposes the organic matter inside drainage systems and provides for the healthy environment in the pipes and drains by reaching the smallest cracks and curves. The users note that the gel is very cost-saving, it kills the entire population of flies after two usages (take into account the fact that it is recommended to pour 1-2 ounces of this gel). This product is very similar to the previous one and lets you save $3 when buying a gallon in comparison with a gallon of Bio Drain. This trap was designed for fruit flies, but according to the customers’ feedback it works well for drain flies as well. Bac-A-Zap Eliminator can be sprayed on the walls, floors, carpets, wall voids, in the basement and in the trash bins, bathroom, on compost and in the drain pipes. Theoretically, if you’ll consistently kill adult species, they might stop reproducing in winter only if the temperature at your house will be as cold as the temperature outside. I poured anything I could into the sink (maybe except for the burning gasoline), and the flies are still intact. A spray which can serve both as a drain gel and an odor eliminator: use it as a supplement to other products.
These are the flies that love dampness and live near the kitchen sinks, bathrooms, drain pipes, sewage pipes, compost and septic tanks as well as indoors. Trust us, if you learn about the behavior of these insects and choose the right fly prevention and extermination methods, the flies will leave your house soon.
Drain flies are small (<2 mm) true flies with short, hairy bodies and wings giving them a "furry" moth-like appearance. It is distinctive that few adult species are seen flying since sewer flies live only two weeks. The adult flies that emerge from the pupae are fully mature, can reproduce and starts lay eggs after emerging.

Drain flies love landing on your sandwiches or jam, especially if your counter is right next to the sink. You can’t bathe a child near the drain flies hotbed as they can accidentally get in a child’s eye or mouth… Moths are dangerous neighbours for kids anyways. Of course, sewer flies are not as allergenic as bees or wasps, but there are known cases of acute allergies caused by the drain flies. Garbage in the kitchen drains, clogged and unclean sink drains, and clogged pipes that are no longer in use and indoor houseplants are some of the places which may potentially attract drain flies.
Examine the whole draining system, as well as any pipes with standing water both indoors and outdoors. Although this is a preliminary stage, it is crucial, because if you don’t carry this out, you won’t ever remove these flies even with the help of special products. We’ll describe the drain fly traps, gel, aerosol insect growth regulator and other useful products against moths to you. Most of the customers note the exterminating effect after the first use of Invade Bio Drain Gel. Perhaps their authors have simply mixed up the drain flies and the fruit flies, since looking for the fruit flies in the sink is not very clever.
If you have children, you should explain to them that they can’t touch or bit this “apple”, which looks so delicious. They complement the traditional ways of exterminating them as well as professional solutions. Fortunately, flies don’t fly far away from the place they chose to be their home, that’s why infesting the entire house occurs fairly rare.
After cleaning the pipes you’ll only destroy the place where the drain flies lay the eggs, and you’ll still have to exterminate the adult species approximately for the next 20 days.
You have to use other products to eliminate them since they live outside the sink (in your kitchen probably feasting on fruit and sweets).
These flies trouble people as they may be inhaled (wholly or partially) by the human beings when breathing.
Following the drain flies, you find some spiders, larger flies, and other bugs in your house. The official web-site of the NYC Department of medicine and mental health even warns that these flies are dangerous for those who suffer the most severe allergies – you have to get rid of drain flies fast! You may use for this purpose Brushtech Super Flexible Drain Brush ($12.98), which is a versatile and flexible brush for cleaning the pipes.

Well, Joe thanks this product for complete extermination of flies and a long period of action, and Kristine calls it “the best season product” against the insects. Don’t worry when you see them, everything is perfectly normal; just make sure you systematically kill them. It is necessary to get rid of these insects in order to avoid the drain fly infestation and harm caused by sewer flies. It’s much easier to distinguish moth flies by their behavior rather than by their colour or size. In any case, most of the users had almost the whole bottle of the gel left after killing all of the drain flies, which makes this quite cost-saving. But you do remember that drain flies also love sweet syrup and juice, that’s why they can also be caught in this trap.
A single pack which contains a non-toxic mixture and can trap hundreds of flies lasts for a month. There might be a battle between the drain flies and the fruit flies for the food left in the kitchen!
If the moths have occupied fruit, stale beer, soft drinks or other alimentary products, they are definitely fruit flies. Drain flies are active in the evening, and in the daytime these flies are not active and remain clinging to the walls of their habitat.
During the larvae and pupae stages, the drain flies live in thin layers found in drainpipes, field lines, and septic tanks.
On the other hand, once you eliminate the sewer flies yourself, you’ll gain a true life skill.
The drain fly larvae feed on the microscopic animals and plants, decaying matter and sediments.
We hope that our review helped you understand which product will be most useful for your drain fly infestation.

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