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If you haven't been living in a cave with your Ace of Base CDs and your Tamogatchis and your Seinfeld references, you'd know that the hottest trend sweeping the nation these days is bed bug infestations. These tiny little blood-suckers which lurk in mattresses and bedding have been spotted in massive numbers in recent years, and if you aren't waking up every morning covered in swollen little bite marks, then frankly, you aren't shit.It turns out that the popularity of bed bug infestations has only been matched by the popularity of bed bug remedies, because while waking up with tiny little bites is very trendy, it is also possibly the single most distressing non-Ke$ha-related-thing ever. To find out more about bed bugs, I conducted a bit of research on my own, and have below outlined everything you need to know about how to first get a bed bug infestation, and then get rid of it. I've done this because it's considered poor form to just end a column immediately after the introduction.How to Get Bed BugsGetting bed bugs turned out to be surprisingly easy. Success!How to Get Rid of Bed BugsAs predicted, the success of the first part of my experiment proved Pyrrhic, and I immediately longed to rid myself of my trendy little companions.

This time around I purchased eight cans of Raid, extra strength, and applied them to everything in my apartment, including my clothes, the carpet, my collection of penis molds and then all of the above again. The next morning I did actually wake without any fresh bites, which would constitute a success, but for the fact that I had slept out on the deck, terrified of killing myself by spending any time in the Vestibule of Poisoned Hell that my apartment had become.
But after 16 hours of open windows and fresh air, I summoned up the courage to spend the night in what I thought was my own bed.
I dashed out on the town to pick up some supplies, then returned to my apartment, where I donned my disguise:I had a little trouble finding a bed bug costume at the thrift store, so adapted this child's ladybug costume instead.
It was a little snug.Realizing that bed bugs feast on blood, and after a moment's thought, I determined that the nearest source of blood could be found in my neighbor Gary, often located in my neighbor Gary's apartment.

Following standard daytime bed bug methodology, I promptly fell asleep.I awoke around midnight, undiscovered, and possessed with an insatiable hunger. Blinking the sleep from my eyes, I realized I was lying on the bare floor of my apartment, surrounded by bed bugs.
Here's my plan: You guys climb aboard me, and I'll give you a ride into people's homes, and around bedding stores and such.

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