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So, the first error is to think you can just kill them when you see them.That is never going to work. Household Remedies Of Pest Control In the case of nesting insects like ants, cockroaches, and bees, merely killing the ones you see is not going to solve the problem. The recent post about earthquakes and nuclear explosions caused me to wonder about something that most of us have probably heard several times before, that cockroaches have a better chance of surviving a nuclear explosion than we humans do. This entry was posted in animals, cockroaches, dangerous, death, environment, radio activity, Science, Uncategorized, urban legends.
Studies show that American cockroaches can withstand 67,500 rems and German cockroaches between 90,000 and 105,000 rems.
There’s also a brown-banded cockroach and an Oriental cockroach and probably many other types too.

So “Yes”, cockroaches could withstand the amount of radiation generated by a thermonuclear explosion. And apparently the first thing that a cockroach does after being touched by a human is to clean itself, and what’s more, some cockroach species can go for a month without food, and survive for a month on a drop of water from a dishrag.
We put the question to Srini Kambhampati, professor and chair of the biology department at the University of Texas at Tyler, and a world expert on cockroaches. Furthermore, the disappearance of cockroaches would mess with something truly vital for us all, called the nitrogen cycle. As a side note, diatomaceous earth is a nice way to kill ants and roaches too without having to use any nasty chemicals.
Turns out, the sudden disappearance of Earth's 5,000 to 10,000 cockroach species would have ramifications far beyond your filthy apartment.

Parasitic wasps, which specialize in parasitizing cockroach eggs, do rely entirely on the cockroach. We fear that a cockroach might scurry across our faces at night, or, under cover of darkness, eat flecks of toothpaste off our toothbrushes.

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